Introducing: Premium features

  • clockify premium features

  • We’re adding premium features that are available for $30/month
  • New premium features include “Add time for others” and “Project templates” (more coming soon)
  • This will help us further develop Clockify, while keeping the app free for teams of all sizes
  • All the core features remain free, just like before

Why we created the paid plans

We created Clockify because we needed a simple time tracker for our team that doesn’t cost a fortune.

When you offer something for free (and no one else offers anything similar), a LOT of people will sign up (over six thousand people sign up for Clockify each week). As people kept signing up, we started receiving an enormous amount of emails, asking for more features. The trouble is, everyone is asking for something different.

The problem is, every time we introduce a new feature, we add more complexity and our development costs grow exponentially. It takes us way more time to develop a new feature because we have to take into the account how it interacts with every other existing feature. Plus, our bug backlog keeps growing and growing as there are more and more scenarios we didn’t dream were possible.

Normally, we cover development costs by charging for the self-hosted version. Only, self-hosted users need completely different stuff (like SSO, SLA, etc).

So, in order to develop all the requested extra features, we have to somehow cover our extra development costs. After a lot of thought, we’ve decided that the most straightforward solution is to simply charge for them.

How much do premium features cost? 

The subscription for premium is $30/month (per the desired workspace).

How come the price is so low?

While the price is way lower than what anyone else charges (most charge around $10/user for the same feature set), we think it’s fair considering all the feedback and positive word of mouth we get (not to mention all the user growth).


Plus plan

Premium plan

  • All the features in the Plus plan
  • Add time for others – See your team members’ timesheets and add time for them
  • Project templates – Quickly create similar projects with the same task structure
  • More coming soon (alerts, bulk edit, custom fields, advanced reports, etc.)

What about the free plan?

The free plan works just like before and there are no limits regarding how many users or projects you can have.

We will continue to add improvements and new features to the free plan also (like time grouping and shortcuts).

As we start generating more revenue, we’ll be able to hire more people and speed up our development pace.

How to upgrade?

If you’re an admin, you’ll see Upgrade in the sidebar. There you can see all the plans and upgrade to the plan you wish.

Do I need premium features?

Yes and no. If all you need is a simple time tracker and you’re pretty chill about everyone being able to see and do everything, then the free version will do just fine. But if you need a bit more control and comfort, you’ll love premium features.

Also, premium features don’t add any core functionality that you can’t already do. They simply make life easier, sparing you the grunt work so you can be more productive. For example:

  • You CAN create hundreds of tasks manually or you can use “Project templates” feature.
  • You CAN instruct team members to make some blank time entries so you can add time for them by editing those blank entries, or you can use “Add time for others” feature.
  • You CAN edit hundreds of entries one by one, or you can use “Bulk edit” (coming soon).
  • You CAN check project progress each day for budget overages, or you can set up “Alerts” (coming soon) and get notifications automatically.
  • You CAN open a saved report each week, or you can get them automatically in email with “Scheduled reports” (coming soon) .
  • You CAN export all the time and crunch profitability numbers in Excel, or you can run “Profitability report” (coming soon) and save yourself the work.
  • You CAN use the description field for everything and then parse data from it, or you can add “Custom fields” (coming soon) so each time entry can contain extra information (like expenses, ID number, mileage, customer, etc.).

Get in touch

If you have any questions or feedback, feel free to reach us at or on Twitter.

If there’s a feature you want to suggest, you can fill our Feedback Form. You can also check out our future plans on the roadmap page.

Thank you for supporting and recommending Clockify, stay productive!

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