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Content Writer

We're looking for an experienced content writer for a full-time position.

Location: Novi Sad & Belgrade

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About us

Clockify is the world #1 time tracker, used by millions of people, from individuals to big companies like Hewlett-Packard Enterprise, American Express, Amazon, etc.

Clockify is developed by COING, a software development company with more than 9 years of experience in software consulting. We have developed software solutions for hundreds of clients from all over the world.

  • 2009
  • 100+
  • 2,000,000+

About the position

We're looking for a great content writer who will help our users improve their productivity skills, and us rank for as much keywords as possible. We have a ton of topics we want to cover and we need someone who's both interested in productivity and business topics and loves to write and share knowledge.

In addition to writing skills, you need to be a behavior expert. You need to know how people search on the internet, what they first look on a page, how they scan it, and how they read long articles.

Your job will be primarily to craft content, which means you'll:

  1. Take a topic people want to know more about (based on what they search on Google)
  2. Research the primary topic and related topics
  3. Create an outline and summarize your findings
  4. Write an article (or record a video if the topics requires it)
  5. Provide visuals when needed (with the help of our designers)


  • Research and write content on a daily basis
  • Update and improve existing content
  • Make sure the content matches search intent and follows good SEO practices
  • Prepare content for different mediums (blog posts, guides, and videos)
  • Work closely with other writers, designers, and video editors

Example of what you'll write about

  • "How to build good habits"
  • "How to stay focused at work"
  • "How time is perceived in different cultures"
  • "How to do payroll"
  • "Contract vs. full-time employees"
  • "Scientific guide to motivation"
  • "Best productivity tools for accountants"
  • "Budgeting tips for freelancers"
  • "How to estimate time and cost on projects"


  • Perfect English
  • 1+ year of writing experience
  • Great written and visual communication skills
  • Know how people consume content online
  • Interest in productivity and business topics
  • SEO and content marketing knowledge

Nice to haves

  • Know how to create video content
  • Familiar with software industry
  • Familiar with online marketing

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