Save time and energy with extra features

Extend Clockify with extra features so you can spend less time on micromanaging your team, and more time on running your business.

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Extra features: Lock timesheets, Time rounding, Time audit, Required fields, Branded reports, Private time entries, Targets and reminders, Add time for others, Project templates

Lock timesheets

Worried someone might change their old time entries?

Select a date and all entries that were made before that date will no longer be editable. Also, your team will no longer be able to add backdated time entries.

Once timesheets are locked, you can safely invoice your client and calculate payroll, knowing that no one will accidentally change the data, and that the data in the time tracker and the invoice will always match.

Extra features Lock timesheets

Automatic lock (coming soon)

Keep forgeting to update lock date each month?

Set automatic lock and the lock date will get auto-updated each day, week, or month so you don't have to do it manually any more.

Extra features Automatic lock

Private time entries

Have sensitive business information that you don't want others to see?

Hide other people's time tracking data so only admins can see all tracked time. Or, if that's too much and people actually need to see who logged how much time in some instances, limit their viewing power to only public projects.

Extra features Private time entries

Hide pages

Don't want your team to get distracted by all the features?

Hide pages that others don't need so only admins can access them. In case you have a lot of contractors, you can hide the Team page so people don't see other members. You can also hide the Projects and Reports so it's easier for people to just track time.

Extra features Hide pages

Targets & reminders

People often forget to log their time and timesheets are incomplete?

Set up time targets for your team that they need to fulfill every day or week (eg. logged 40h/week). Once someone falls behind, they'll get an automatic reminder via email to log the missing time.

This way, you'll no longer have to waste time and personally badger your team to log their missing hours.

Extra features Targets & reminders

Required fields

Your team's timesheets often miss information?

Make your most important fields required so no one can create a time entry without it. For example, if you need all the entries to be neatly categorized by projects, you can make the Project field required so you'll never see an uncategorized time entry ever again.

Once all entries are properly categorized, you'll no longer have to spend hours every week on time auditing and fixing other people's timesheets.

Extra features Required fields

Add time for others

Constantly have to chase your team and wait for them to add their missing time?

Add time on other people's behalf right from the report. Or, switch to your teammate's timesheet and quickly populate their timesheet for them.

This way, you'll no longer have to wait for someone to add the missing time. Instead, you can do it for them right away and have accurate report ready at anytime you need.

Extra features Add time for others

Project templates

Wasting time on setting up a lot of identical projects over and over?

Once you have a project with tasks set up, mark it as a template. Then, every time you create a new project, you'll be able select the template and have all the tasks and settings copied over to the new project.

This way, you can have a lot of similar projects for different clients set up really quickly.

Extra features Project templates

Bulk edit

Need to update a lot of stuff at once?

Simply select all the time entries or projects you wish to update, and then either delete them or edit their properties.

With bulk edit, you can select all entries and add tags to them (like "Invoiced"), move entries to a different project, mark projects as private, etc.

Extra features Bulk edit


Tired of constantly monitoring project status, watching for overages?

Set time estimates for your projects, and let your team track time. The moment a project comes near the alloted time, you'll get an alert via email.

With alerts, you'll know when the project is half-way finished so you can organize a meeting with your client. You'll also know when it goes over budget and when it's time to do something about it.

Extra features Alerts

Time audit

Need to make sure all time entries are correct before exporting them?

With time audit, you can find all uncategorized entries that are either missing a project or a task with one click. You can also find time entries with suspicious duration (too short or too long) and fix them right there in the report.

Once all time entries are properly labeled and cleaned up, you can lock them up and share the report with others (like your accountant, client, etc.).

Extra features Time audit

Time rounding

Reports are way to detailed and confusing?

Round time to the nearest 15 minutes so numbers look nice and round. Once time is rounded, you'll be able to analyze it much easier, without all the irrelevant details getting in your way.

Extra features Time rounding

Branded reports

Need personalized reports that you can send to others?

Upload your company logo and every report your export in PDF will contain your company's logo. Then, the client will always know the report is from.

Extra features Branded reports