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Lock timesheets

Want to prevent team members from editing past timesheets?

Lock all timesheets before a certain date so only admins can make further edits. Also, your team will no longer be able to add backdated time entries. Once timesheets are locked, you can safely invoice your client and calculate payroll, knowing that no one will accidentally change the data.

Extra features Lock timesheets

Automatic lock

Need to lock timesheets each day or week?

Set automatic lock and the lock date will get auto-updated each day, week, or month so you don't have to do it manually any more.

Extra features Automatic lock

Hide time from users

Want to prevent users on your workspace from seeing all time?

Usually, people in your workspace can everyone's time entries. But you can limit their access and hide them completely so each regular user on the workspace can only view their own entries.

Extra features Hide time from users

Hide pages

Need to limit access to certain information?

Hide pages that others don't need so only admins can access them. In case you have a lot of contractors, you can hide the Team page so people don't see other members, hide Projects and Reports so people can focus just on tracking time.

Extra features Hide pages

Timesheet reminders

People often forget to log their time?

Add reminders for your team where you'll detailed who needs to log how much time (eg. 40h/week). Once someone falls behind, they'll get an automatic reminder via email to log the missing time, so you'll no longer have to badger your team to log their hours.

Extra features Targets & reminders

Required fields

Having trouble with incomplete time entries?

Make your most important fields required so no one can create entries with missing information (like details of what was done). Once entries are properly categorized, you'll no longer have to spend hours fixing other people's timesheets.

Extra features Required fields

Add time for others

Can't wait for your team to log their time?

Add time on other people's behalf right from the report. Or, switch to your teammate's timesheet and quickly populate their timesheet for them. This way, you'll no longer have to wait for someone to add the missing time.

Extra features Add time for others

Project templates

Need to set up a lot of identical projects?

Once you have a project with tasks set up, set it as a template. Then, every time you create a new project, you'll be able select the template and have all the tasks and settings copied over to the new project. Perfect if you have a lot of similar projects for different clients.

Extra features Project templates

Bulk edit

Need to find and update a lot of stuff at once?

Select all the time entries or projects you wish to update, and then edit their properties. Perfect for record keeping, like when you need to mark entries as invoiced, move them to a different project, mark projects as private, etc.

Extra features Bulk edit


Need to know when a project is over budget?

Set time estimates for your projects. The moment a project comes near the alloted time, you'll get an alert via email and know that it's time to review progress.

Extra features Alerts

Time audit

Need to clean up your reports?

Find all uncategorized entries or entries that are suspiciously short/long, and fix them. Once everything is properly labeled and cleaned up, you can lock them and share the report with clients.

Extra features Time audit

Time rounding

Need rounded up time in reports?

Switch rounding on and off so you can analyze reports easier and send them over to clients.

Extra features Time rounding

Branded reports

Need professional-looking reports?

Upload your company logo and every report your export in PDF will contain your company's logo, making your reports look much more professional. Plus, PDFs will no longer have the "Created with Clockify" at the bottom.

Extra features Branded reports

Single sign-on

Need to make sure the system is super secure?

Eliminate user passwords and require everyone in your team to log in using your company's IdP authentication system. Clockify supports all protocols (LDAP/AD, SAML2, OAuth2) used by all major identity providers (Office 365, Azure, Google, Okta, etc.)

Extra features single sign-on

Custom subdomain

Need a private workspace?

Create a subdomain and move your whole workspace there so your team never has to wonder if they track time in the right workspace. You can also let your employees join automatically, and they won't be able to have multiple workspaces.

Extra features custom subdomain

Control accounts

Need a direct access to your teams' accounts?

See all your users' information, edit their name and email, manage their API keys, and log-in as them for troubleshooting purposes.

Extra features control accounts

Custom fields

Need to track additional information?

Add custom fields to time entries and track anything you imagine: expenses, mileage, number of processed units, job codes, location, equipment, payment status, task status, project ID, deal number, links to receipts and screenshots, documentation….

In addition to user data, you can also track project metadata (perfect for creating pivot tables and integrating Clockify with external systems).

Extra features custom fields

Labor cost and profit

Need to know how profitable your projects are?

In addition to billable rates, you can also define labor costs of each user and project. Then, Clockify will calculate what each time entry costs you (doesn't matter if an entry is billable or not), and you can compare what you charge clients vs what you pay your team.

When you run a report, you can decide whether you wish to see billable amounts, costs amounts, or profit per any group you wish.

When updating hourly rates, you can choose to apply new rates retroactively: either to all entries, or to all entries since a certain date (eg. someone got a raise on 01/01/2020).

Extra features labor costs

Time approval

Need to approve time before it goes to payroll?

Users can submit their weeks or holiday requests for approval. Then, the supervisor can approve (or reject) the timesheet before it goes to payroll.

Once time is approved, it can no longer be changed (not even by admin). In case of mistake, the approval has to be witdhrawn, but the written trail of who made the changes, when, and why will permanently remain.

Extra features time approval

Team manager (coming soon)

Need to give more control to some people?

Instead of making someone an admin, make someone a team manager so they can see all tracked time for their team memvbers, plus approve their timesheets.

Or, give people project manager role to mutiple projects so they can see tracked time on their projects and edit their projects (eg. create tasks, add members to project, set estimates, etc).

Extra features manager role