Send time data to Google Data Studio

Send activities, projects, and time entries from Clockify to Google Data Studio.

Toggl to Clockify importer

Importing Clockify data via GDS connector

Step 1

Get your Clockify API Key

You can find the API key in your account's Profile Settings.

Step 2

Sign up for the connector

You can try out the connector for 7 days for free. When creating the account, make sure you use the same email address as the one you use for Google Data Studio.

Step 3

Create a data source

  1. Access the Clockify Google Data Studio connector
  2. Click "Select > Authorize" and select the relevant Google account, and click "Allow"
  3. Under "Credentials", add your Clockify API Key and click "Submit"
  4. Choose entities you want to add to your report and click "Connect"
Step 4

Connect your report

Once the Clockify fields for the entity are shown as a list, click "Create Report > Allow", and choose information you wish to see in the Google Data Studio report

Note: To import time entries, you need a paid subscription. You also first need to invite people to your workspace before you can import time for them.

Report examples

Example report 1

Example report 2

Info and support

Google Data Studio Connector is a 3rd party integration developed by TheDataStudents. Use at your own discretion

For more information and support, contact TheDataStudents support.