Set automatic lock and the lock date will get auto-updated each day, week, or month so you don’t have to do it manually any more.

Automatic lock is a premium feature, which you can enable once you upgrade your workspace.

automatic lock

How to set automatic lock #

  1. Go to workspace settings
  2. Switch “Automatic lock entries” to ON
  3. Select lock frequency (weekly, monthly, older than x days/weeks/months)
  4. Save workspace settings

When selecting Weekly option, you have to select two days: when the lock date will get updated (eg. Wednesday) and what is the first day of the week in your company (eg. Monday).  This way, when a new week starts (on Monday), your team can still add their missing hours for the previous week before that week gets locked (which happens on Wednesday).

When you enable automatic lock, your current lock date will be immediately updated when you save the setting.

When automatic lock is enabled, you won’t be able to manually set a lock date.