Extra features extend Clockify’s core functionality, giving you more power over who can do and further boosting your productivity.

You can enable them by subscribing to one of our monthly plans.

Plus plan ($10/month) #

Premium plan ($30/month) #

  • All the features from the Plus plan
  • Add time for others – See your team members’ timesheets and add time for them
  • Project templates – Quickly create similar projects with the same task structure

Server plan ( starting from $450/month) #

  • All features and updates
  • Personalized installation assistance
  • Single Sign-On integration (like LDAP)
  • Priority support and training
  • SLA and custom development

Payment process #

Once you enter your credit card and click Pay, you’ll be charged a flat $10 (Plus) / $30 (Premium) per month and immediately get access to the extra features. The fee is flat and doesn’t depend on the number of users.

Payment is tied to the workspace. If you have multiple workspaces, you can choose which ones you want to pay for.

The payment is done securely through Stripe. We don’t store any of your credit card information.

Your subscription is automatically renewed each month so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to renew the subscription and thus disabling some feature (like locking timesheets).

Canceling subscription #

You can cancel your subscription any time you want.

Once you cancel:

  • No further charges will be made
  • You’ll still be able to download all your previous invoices
  • You’ll be able to continue using the extra features until the end of the paid period
  • After the paid period ends, you’ll be downgraded to the Free plan

Downgrading from Premium to Plus #

  • Cancel your Premium Subscription
  • Then head to the Upgrade page. Since you’re not able to see this page in the browser, you would need to click this link to go there directly.
  • Click the Upgrade button below the Plus plan
  • Re-enter your info

That’s it! In your Subscription tab, you’ll see the date when your Premium subscription expires and once you see the copy “Next plan: PLUS” you are all set!