Is Clockify really free?

Yes, it really is! Clockify is the only time tracker that's free for teams of all sizes. You and your team can use Clockify without ever paying a cent, even if you have hundreds of users! Use it as much as you want, for as long as you want, and we won’t charge a cent.

In addition to the core features, you can extend Clockify with extra features to make life easier by upgrading to a paid account. 

Learn more about extra features

How to change currency?

To change currency, go to the workspace page from settings. There, under the Currency instead of "USD" type your own currency (eg. GBP). If the system recognizes your currency, it will display that currency’s symbol in bar charts; if not, it will display what you’ve typed.

Do you have free trial so I can try out the extra features?

Absolutely! You can try out all the Enterprise features (except for SSO, Custom subdomain and Control user account) for free for 7 days, no credit card required.

To activate the free trial, log in to your Clockify account and click on this link OR go to Upgrade page and scroll down to Frequently Asked Questions, find the “Can I try it out first?” question, and click the trial link in the answer.

Free trial is available only in workspaces which never had extra features activated. If you can’t find the “Can I try it out first?” question, it means that particular workplace is no longer eligible for the free trial (you’ve either used it up, have a Plus subscription, or had a Plus/Premium subscription active in the past).

If you wish to try out the Enterprise features but don’t see the free trial link, you can create a new workspace and activate the free trial there.

How can I turn off time entry grouping?

If you wish to see entries in chronological order rather than grouped, you can turn the grouping off:

  1. Hover over the Settings in the sidebar and go to Profile
  2. Toggle the “Group similar time entries” option so it's disabled

Will Clockify track/capture screenshots?

Clockify won't track and capture screenshots, only time logs that you manually enter. Clockify is completely private and trust-based, and doesn't have any monitoring features (and we don't plan to introduce them in the future).

Can you disable the option to manually add time or edit time manually?

Clockify is a trust-based time tracker so it's not possible to disable manual time entry (as people will just find a way around the limitation, eg. start timer even if they haven't started working).

But, you can lock timesheets so no time entries can be added or edited after a certain period.

Can I change the workspace owner?

Yes, you can change the workspace owner when you go to the Team page, click the three little dots near the team member’s name whom you would like to set as the new Owner and select “Transfer ownership”.

How to set time as billable by default?

First, you have to mark each project as billable (to do this open a project, click on a Project Settings tab and toggle Billable by default to Yes). Then, each time you select the project in the time tracker, time will be marked as billable without you having to mark it as such. Also, you can set "New projects are by default: Billable" in workspace settings so you don't forget to mark each project as billable.

How can I can see an overview of all users and check who has not completed the minimum weekly hours?

You can run the Weekly report and group it by user. The total at the bottom will show you how much everyone tracked that week.

You can also see who tracked how much time in the Summary report (once you group it by user). There you can also choose a custom date in the upper right corner if you wish to see the hours by user for a specific period of time.

There are also targets and reminders feature, which will alert your team members about their missing time logs (eg. they'll get an email saying "You've tracked less than x hours last week").

Can I get an invoice for my subscription payment?

Sure thing. You can view the status of your subscription, edit the invoice information, and download the invoice from your Workspace. To do this hover over the Settings in the sidebar and open Subscription.

At the bottom of the Subscription tab page, you should be able to see your Past Billing Statements and the invoices you can download.

I can't select a project in the time tracker (I get the "no access symbol")

If you can't select projects in the project picker, go to the Workspace settings and look for "Do not allow saving time without..." line then check if you have Task as a required field enabled.

If Task is a required field, projects without any tasks will appear in the picker, but they'll have the "no access" symbol and you won't be able to select them.

To fix the issue, simply create tasks on a project or uncheck Task as a required field.

What to do if I have multiple clients on one project?

If you have standardized projects and have multiple clients attached to them, in that case, it's better to use tasks instead of the Client field. Then, when tracking time, select the project and the corresponding task based on who's the client.

Another solution (perhaps even better) is to use tags. Tags work regardless of the project so you can create one tag, use it on multiple projects, and filter reports based on them. You can even use multiple tags to filter reports with more precision.

Lastly, the most powerful solution is to use custom fields on projects, where you can define a field with options, and then associate projects with options.

How can I account for break time in Clockify?

You can account for break time in several ways:

  • Create a separate project where you'll put all time entries for breaks (eg. spent 5h on ProjectA, 3h on ProjectB, and 1h on project Breaks).
  • Create a "break" tag. Then employees can create a 1h time entry, leave it without a project, mark as nonbillable, and attach "break" tag. Later in reports, you can filter out entries with the "break" tag to calculate payroll or billable hours.

If a user is made inactive, is their time still included in reports?

All time entries stay in the system and are displayed in the reports, no matter if a user is deleted/inactive, or if the project is archived or the task marked as done (entries disappear only when deleted manually, either by the user who created them or by admin).

You can see the time entries of deleted/inactive users in the e.g. summary report when you group it by user and export the full report.


How can I share timesheets with my clients in real time?

  1. Use filters to filter out data
  2. Customize report (choose date range, grouping, sort, rounding, show/hide amount)
  3. Click on the share icon (located between Print and Rounding)
  4. Enter report name (this will be displayed as a title of the report in the header and in PDF export)
  5. Choose who can open link (public/private) and whether date range can be changed (lock dates)
  6. Click “Create Link”
  7. Copy the link and send it to others

Your client can't edit anything but they can see the time as you track on their projects, export data, and change grouping options and timeframe.

More info on sharing reports with clients

How do I make an invoice from the time logged?

Most users simply export the Summary report in PDF and send it to the client for review. After the client reviews the time, you can can send them an invoice with just one line item for the provided service.

To mark time as invoiced in Clockify, create a "invoiced" or "billed" tag and add it your time entries using bulk edit.

Later, you can users filter so the reports lists all the entries that contain "invoiced" tag, or you can list entries that don't contain the "invoiced" tag.

Another alternative is to archive invoiced projects so the time logged on them doesn't appear in reports while the active filter is applied.

How can I add time manually while my timer is running?

While it's not possible to manually input time while your timer is running you can use the duplicate option of a previous entry.

This will create a new time entry exactly as the previous one and you can change the details of that entry to whatever you need.

How can I suggest a feature / report a bug?

We're always open to feedback. Check out our roadmap to see what we're working on, or suggest a feature/how to improve Clockify on our forum.

If you notice that something doesn't work as it should, contact us directly and we'll get back to you within 24h . Be sure to describe the malfunction in detail and give us step-by-step instructions on how we can reproduce the issue (screenshots and videos help greatly).

Is it possible to download the data for personal backup?

Yes, you can export all your data any time you want. Simply go to Detailed report, choose the biggest time frame possible, and click export CSV.

CSV export of Detailed report contains all the data you need to recreate your data from scratch if the need ever arises, or if you just need a reference on how your data looked like before. 

Although we make regular backups, they're for infrastructure disaster recovery purposes. We don't offer per account recovery for user generated activities (eg. someone deletes their workspace or accidentally overwrite their time entries). Which is why it's best to export your entries in CSV each month, for personal backup.

Once we finish CSV import, you'll be able to get your previous entries back into the system. Until then, you can manually reference each entry, or you can import the CSV data via our API and by using your own custom script.

How can I cancel my subscription?

To cancel your subscription, hover over Settings in the sidebar and click on Subscription At the bottom of the Subscription page you'll find a Cancel Subscription link.


Is my data safe?

Completely safe. Your Clockify data is hosted on Amazon Web Services, so it's as secure as it can get. Our servers are protected both physically and electronically. Any connection between you and Clockify is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption. Read more about Clockify security here.

Although we make regular backups, they’re for infrastructure disaster recovery purposes. We don't offer per account recovery for user generated activities (eg. someone deletes their workspace or accidentally overwrite their time entries). Which is why it’s best to export your entries in CSV each month, for personal backup.

Do you collect any private data?

No, we don’t collect any private data. We use cookies for login, and Google Analytics for tracking what pages people visit on our website.
You can check our Privacy policy here.

You can also delete your account and all the data in it any time you want.

Where are your servers located?

Our main servers are in Frankfurt, Germany. That's where all the new time entries first go. Then, that data is sent to other data servers, which are stationed across the world.

We use AWS for cloud infrastructure, which is a US-based company with servers around the world.  This ensures lighting fast data delivery so that no matter where you are, your data loads instantly in Clockify from the server that's closest to you.

In case your company has strict data privacy and compliance regulations,  we offer Server edition, where you get a copy of Clockify that you can install and keep on your own servers for maximum privacy and security.

I invited someone but they don't appear in my account

When a user already has an account, they need to accept your workspace invitation inside Clockify (and not via email) by clicking on the notification (bell icon) in the upper left corner.

Once they accept the invite, they can switch to your workspace (and delete their own workspace) and start tracking time on your workspace.


I received an invitation but I can not join the team

The email you used to create the account and the email your team used to invite you need to be the same. If they're not the same, log out of the account you've created and click the invite again to create a different account using the email address your team used to invite you.

If you already have the account, just log in and hover over notifications. You should be able to see and accept the invite from there.

After that, hover over your profile image and switch to your team's workspace (or go to Workspaces and activate your team's workspace so you can start tracking time for your company).