Frequently Asked Questions

Do you collect any private data?

  • Clockify uses cookies for login, and Google Analytics for tracking what pages people visit on our website (all data is anonymized).
  • Clockify is a manual timer and time logger, meaning it has data that you put in it (both regarding what you’re working on and when you’re working).
  • Clockify has idle detection but it just sends you a personal note (if you turned it on manually in profile settings) through the browser add-on or desktop app (admins can’t see that you were idle).
  • Clockify has auto track feature to show you how much time you spend on apps and websites,  but all data is local on your computer and only viewable to you (admins can’t access data).
  • Clockify has screenshot recording and location tracking features,  but they need to be explicitly enabled by admins. When they’re enabled, all users receive a privacy notification. Only mobile app collects location data (if allowed on device), and desktop app collects screenshots (if installed and running).
  • You can also delete your account and all the data in it any time you want.

Check our Privacy policy for more information.