Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people track time?

Different people track time for different purposes:

  • Individuals (like students and creatives) track time to see where their time goes so they can manage time better in the future and improve their productivity
  • Agencies, freelancers, and consultants track time in order to:
    • Know how much time they’ve spent working for different clients
    • See how much they’ve earned and what they need to bill
    • Have proof of work when they need to justify their hours
  • Companies track time in order to:
    • Measure project capitalization and control project costs by identifying which projects bring in the most money
    • Better utilize resources by tracking who can take on more tasks and who’s overbooked
    • Know how to budget resources for various projects by looking where resources have previously went
    • Make estimates of how long things will take by looking at past data and seeing how long tasks typically take
    • Know much you need to pay hourly workers
    • See who worked overtime so employees can be fairly compensated
    • Show management how many hours different things take up so you can agree on future workload based on actual data