• Server requirements: Java and MongoDB
  • Clockify works fine with server that has 4GB of RAM for up to 2000 users so server instance doesn't have to be strong.
  • We recommend 50GB hard drive so you can have longer logs.
  • We recommend using Ubuntu Server Linux since we have the best support for that operating system.
  • If you wish, you can have separate servers for application and for database

When you buy the annual license, you are given binary files and installation instructions. Then, you can setup the solution on your own infrastructure, either within your data center or private cloud environment. If you wish, we can manage a private instance on AWS for you.

We do the initial installation free of charge, plus provide maintenance options so you don't have to worry about anything. You can either give our engineers direct access so we can help set everything up, or you can do it all yourself (in which case, we have absolutely no access).

When there's a new version with upgrades and improvements, we can push the latest changes to your hosted instance as soon as they're available, or you can choose yourself if you wish to update and when. In that case, you simply download new version of files, replace the files on your server, and restart the app.