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A quick overview of all the basic features in Clockify, and how to use them

Part 1: Time tracking

Time tracker

How to track time using a timer


How to log time using a timesheet

Advanced time tracking

How to better track time using idle detection, reminders, etc.

Pomodoro timer

How to track time using Pomodoro's work/break cycle.

Time tracking integrations

How to track inside other apps (like Trello, Asana, etc.)

Time tracking tips

Part 2: Reporting

Reports overview

How to see who works on what and how much.

Customizing & sharing reports

How to get the report you need and share it with others.

Approving timesheets

How to lock, submit, review, and approve team's timesheets.

Hourly rates

How to mark time as billable and see billable amounts.

Part 3: Administration

Organizing work

How to organize time using clients, projects, tasks, and tags.

Tracking progress

How to set estimates and track progress on projects.

Managing users

How to invite users and manage their status.

Roles & permissions

What are admins and managers, and how to assign roles.

How to control what can regular users see and do.

How to control which projects and tasks users can see.

How to control manage a lot of users and add groups to projects.

Extra features

A quick overview of all the additional features in Clockify, and how to use them.