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Clockify is the only truly free time tracker. Track time you spend on activities with a single click and later see breakdown in visual reports.

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Know where each minute of your time goes

Clockify is a modern time tracking app that works across devices. When you start tracking time with Clockify, you'll have real data that shows you exactly where your time goes so you can see improve your productivity.

When you begin working on something, all you have to do is type what you're working on and start the timer. At the end of the day, you can run a report and get an objective look at your business in one easy-to-scan chart. Clockify can also calculate billable hours automatically, based on your rates.

Clockify can help you:

  • Identify time sinks and improve your productivity
  • Know how much your time is worth and improve project profitability
  • Bill clients quickly and accurately
  • Run your business better and be more organized

Track time you spend on activities with a timer

Or log time manually later

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Clockify works across devices. Track time from your phone or desktop computer and continue online from any browser.

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A necessity for any freelancer

Clockify is extremely useful and functional. As a freelancer, I can create multiple workspaces for the different clients I work with, and keep an organized and accurate history of my time spent on projects. Clockify enables me to keep an accurate log of the time spent on projects for respective clients. I can easily download logs and include them when I invoice clients.

— Pamela Lee, Freelance Web Developer at PJLEE Co.

Easiest time tracker I've found

I love Clockify. It's easy to use, keeps time tracking simple and sensible, and doesn't offer me a lot of extra stuff that I don't want. It doesn't pressure me to buy anything, and it doesn't have the most useful features locked behind the paywall. When you just want a simple time tracker to keep track of the time you're spending on various tasks, Clockify is the way to go. I've never had a single problem with Clockify, compared to other software I've tried that made things way too complicated.

— Wendy Miller, Relationship Coach & Meditation Teacher at Bare Feet, Free Spirit

Never fail to bill your clients ever again

Clockify is ideal for my needs. I work part-time for a client working as his executive assistant and his bookkeeper. I was getting myself in a mess just using a timesheet created in MS Excel and when I discovered Clockify I was over the moon with joy. I keep Clockify open in the background and I switch projects when I start the work and when I finish the work. I used to under invoice for my time and lose income but now I can bill for every second I work on his projects. Also, it has great reporting function and can either print off or save as a PDF or Excel etc. So not only do I invoice my client, I've also got exact data for the time I carry out each of his tasks.

— Ruth Manser, Executive Assistant & Bookkeeper

Love the simplicity

It was easy to add projects and to tag them with clients / agency information. As a freelancer, i have different pay rates for different kinds of projects, so it is great to be able to have them organised in Clockify. It's great that there is a desktop app and also the option to add time manually to a project. I'm enjoying Clockify and will keep using it in the hope that the Windows desktop app will be updated soon with the upcoming features. If not, i may need to look elsewhere, as it is a vital feature for me. However, all up it has been a positive experience.

— Alicia B, Illustrator at AliciaB Illustrations
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