Free and easy-to-use time tracker

Track time you spend on activities with a single click, on enter your hours manually. Track time individually or in a team.

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Over 260,000 companies use Clockify to track time and improve productivity
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Know where each minute of your time goes

Clockify is a modern time tracking app that works across devices. When you start tracking time with Clockify, you'll have real data that shows you exactly where your time goes so you can see improve your productivity.

Clockify can help you:

  • Identify time sinks and improve your productivity
  • Know how much your time is worth and improve project profitability
  • Bill clients quickly and accurately
  • Run your business better and be more organized

Track time from anywhere

Clockify works across devices so you can track time from anywhere — all data is synced online

Desktop time tracking app and time tracker for Mac and Windows

Desktop app

Mobile time tracking app and time tracker for Android and iPhone iPad

Mobile app


Timer for activities

Track how much time you spend on activities in real time.

One click timer

One-click tracking

Continue timer for an activity with a single click.

Manual mode

Add time manually

Add time you've spent on activities later.

Manual mode

Categorize time

Categorize time using projects and tags.

Projects and tags

Billable hours

Set hourly rates and see how much money you earn.

Compare billable and nonbillable time

Offline mode

Track time while offline and sync once you're back online.

Offline mode


Track time right inside your favorite web app.

Offline mode


Start and stop the timer via a keyboard shortcut.



Get convenient reminders when you forget to track time.

Time tracking reminder

Idle detection

Discard inactive time you've spent away from computer.

Idle detection

Automatic clock-out

Stop the timer automatically when you're finished working.

Automatic clock-out