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Simple tracking

Tracking work hours has never been easier. Clockify is simple to use, no training is required, and it takes minutes to start using it.

  • Track time with timer with just one click.
  • Enter hours manually, and add project names or tags to make tracking more accurate
  • Log weekly activities in a timesheet
  • Visualize how your day looks like in the calendar view, block hours with one click, or add events from Google
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Streamline processes

Keep work management simplified and in one place while dealing with administration, labor laws & regulations compliance.

  • Store timesheets and quickly obtain attendance data
  • Integrate with QuickBooks to manage payroll and billing based on tracked time
  • Manage time off, requests and leave approval, see who’s away and when, and track the remaining balance
  • Set weekly reminders for your team to fill in timesheets and manage official timesheet approvals
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Analyze data

See who worked on what, how much money you earn, review your team's time, and export the data.

  • Get time overview by day, week, month, activity, client, user, or any other dimension.
  • Filter and sort data to see who tracked the most and the least time.
  • Customize and share reports via a link which you can send to client or simply have a quick access to the report you use the most.
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Boost productivity

Make sure your employees’ time and skill sets are put to the best use. Manage team capacity to avoid burnout.

  • Track employees' availability and see who works on which task
  • Organize work by scheduling tasks to be done on time
  • See if any task is taking too much of someone's time, see how to organize your team better, and get the job done on time.
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Visualize days

Organize your days as time blocks. Sync with Google or Outlook to have all the events in one place.

  • Add or start time entries directly from Calendar
  • See the assignments you or your team have scheduled
  • See who has time off during the week
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Bill accurately

Accurately charge for the work you and your team have delivered by creating invoices based on tracked time, expenses, and hourly rates

  • Define hourly rates for employees and tasks on a project and choose which ones are billable.
  • Define billable and non-billable hours to create accurate invoices.
  • Create professional invoices based on tracked time and expenses, and track their status
  • Customize invoices, download them, and send them to clients
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Improve profitability

Use tracked data to calculate project profitability and define high-value clients and projects.

  • See how much time is spent on a project and how much is billable
  • Break down time for each task to calculate how much you've earned
  • Add labor cost hourly rates to compare what you pay your team vs. what you charge clients
  • Track project status, with charts and all time and money available at a glance
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Predict performance

See how your project is progressing and if project estimates and budget will be reached or breached.

  • Make predictions based on tracked and scheduled tasks
  • Add estimates to see if the project will go over or under them
  • Organize your team based on their availability, and notice if you need more resources to meet project goals
  • Forecast project performance and see if it will turn profitable for your business
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Get help anytime

Our support team is available whenever you need help, have a question or a suggestion.

  • 24/7 assistance, every day of the week
  • Support via email, phone, or chat
  • 1h average response time
  • 99.99% uptime level
  • A 95% customer satisfaction score
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Available everywhere

Track time from anywhere - everything is saved online.

  • Track time from anywhere, all data is synced online
  • Web app available from any device and browser
  • Extension for Chrome, Firefox
  • Mobile app for Android, iOS
  • Desktop app for Mac, Windows, Linux
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The most affordable prices on the market

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$ 3.99 USD
per full user/month billed annually
(or $4.99 if billed monthly)



Timesheeting & Billing

$ 5.49 USD
per full user/month billed annually
(or $6.99 if billed monthly)


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Productivity & Profit

$ 7.99 USD
per full user/month billed annually
(or $9.99 if billed monthly)


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Control & Security

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Frequently asked questions

You can track as much time and invite as many users as you want, and use Clockify for free as long as you want. We also offer support to everyone, regardless of their plan. If you need additional features, you can upgrade at any time.

Absolutely! You can try out all PRO features for free for 7 days, no credit card required. You can activate the free trial on the Upgrade page. If you need more time, be sure to contact our sales team for an extension and a demo.

Each active and invited user on a paid plan requires a paid seat. If you deactivate some user, you free up their paid seat so you can invite a new user. If you buy another seat mid-cycle, you'll be charged a prorated price for that billing cycle.

No, we take care of all the taxes. The price you see is what you'll get charged in the end. You can enter your VAT number, but it will only be used as an additional piece of information displayed on your invoices.

You can cancel your subscription at any time in just a couple of clicks on the Upgrade page. Once you cancel and the current subscription expires, you will be downgraded to the free version and no further charges will be made. You won't lose any data (canceling only affects access to the extra features).

We support payments by credit card for all plans. We support wire transfers and purchase orders for ENTERPRISE plan (annual billing, over 50 seats).

We don't offer refunds. But, if you were mistakenly charged due to system error, contact us and we'll immediately issue you a refund. If you wish to test extra features, we recommend activating the free 7-day trial first, BEFORE making any payment.

We offer 20% OFF on all our plans when paying annually. Other than that, we don't offer any further discounts. We keep all our prices affordable so everyone gets the best possible deal, no negotiation necessary.

If you use the kiosk mode, you can add employees by name as limited users. When upgrading, you pay a separate price for them. Limited users can only track time via kiosk. To use mobile app, you need to add their email and convert them to full users.

You prepay a seat for the whole year in advance and get 20% OFF. If you add another seat midway, you pay a prorated price for the rest of the year. If you need someone for just a brief period, you can deactivate them later to free up their paid seat for someone else.

You can contact us any time!