Andjela Vidojevic - Productivity researcher and author at Clockify | Content editor at COING

Andjela is currently Content Manager at Plaky, but she used to work as a productivity author and researcher at Clockify.

Throughout her career in content writing, she’s written and edited articles and blog posts on a variety of topics, ranging from entertainment to legal advice. Whatever you google, you might stumble on her article on the first page of SERPs.

At Clockify, she mostly dealt with subjects related to time management and productivity — essential life skills she believes anyone can acquire with enough practice. No matter what techniques or productivity hacks she wrote about, she made sure to try them herself first.

Andjela holds a BA in English from the University of Belgrade, and she attended multiple workshops that helped her hone her writing, editing, and research skills. During her student years, she also did a stint as a teacher — an experience through which she picked up the best tips and tricks to explain complex stuff in simple terms.

Before delving into content marketing, Andjela wrote poetry, some of which was published in a White City Wordsmiths anthology. Eventually, she became part of the literary organization behind the anthology, the Balkan Writers Project, where she was one of the main editors.

In her spare time, Andjela loves to relax with music, yoga, and dancing. As a former Clockify productivity author, she values her free time more than anything else and is determined to use it to the fullest.

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