Andjela Vidojevic

Productivity researcher and author at Clockify | Content editor at COING

Andjela is a productivity writer and researcher, as well as a content editor. She’s also a communication author and researcher for Pumble.

Throughout her writing career, Andjela has written about a variety of topics. But, today, she mostly deals with subjects related to time management and productivity — essential life skills she believes anyone can acquire with enough practice.

In her view, those skills are the key ingredients to achieving a healthy work-life balance, which she tries to nurture as best as she can.

Ever since she was a school girl, Andjela struggled with managing her time properly, which is why she became interested in these topics in the first place. Today, she enjoys trying out different productivity hacks, noting their pros and cons, and writing about them to share her experiences.

She’s always enjoyed reading and writing, so she majored in English at the University of Belgrade and joined writing workshops before she started her career in content writing. Eventually, her love of language has led her to try her hand at editing as well, which is something she also does with gusto at Clockify.

In her spare time, Andjela loves to relax with music, yoga, and dancing. Being a Clockify productivity author, she values her free time more than anything else and is determined to use it to the fullest.