Free time reporting system

Clockify’s time reporting system lets managers quickly see how many work hours employees tracked weekly and monthly, and share the time data with other managers, clients, and departments (accounting, legal, HR, payroll).

Types of time reports

Summary time report

Break down all tracked work hours by project, user, and other criteria. Great for seeing how well your business is doing

Summary time reporting system

Detailed time report

See time entries your team made and edit them directly to make reports clean. Great for exporting complete time data and open it as Excel spreadsheets.

Detailed time reporting system

Weekly timesheet report

See all tracked time for each week, broken down by user and project. Great for getting a high level overview of your week.

Weekly time reporting system

What you can do with hourly time reporting

  • See what your employees worked and how much each week and month
  • See how much money each activity brought
  • Calculate your real hourly rate and project profitability
  • See where you spend time so you can improve your productivity
  • Use time data for billing clients and payroll
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Other time reporting system features


Get report for only certain projects, dates, etc.

Group and sort

Drill down into report data further.

Export all to Excel

Then, run pivot tables and compare time logs with budgets.

Save reports

Bookmark most used reports for quick access.

Share reports

Share the view-only access to clients

Project status

Set estimates and analyze estimated vs tracked time.


See how productive you were each day.

Time rounding

Round time in reports to nearest time intervals.

Time audit

Filter faulty time entries (too long/short, missing a project) and fix them.

Lock timesheets

Prevent employees from changing their entries past a certain date.

Billable rates

See how much money you’ve made and how much of it is non-billable.

Weekly email report

Get time tracking data for past week in your inbox.