Auto tracker

Automatically track time you spend across apps and websites.

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Clockify Auto tracker feature
Auto tracker table showing start and end time of an activity


See when you started and stopped working.

A display of recorded website visits and apps

Record activities

See which apps and website you use.

Converting recorded activities to time entries in Clockify

Convert to entries

Create time entries from recorded activities and run reports on them.

Privacy settings in Auto tracker

Complete privacy

Recorded activities are saved locally on your computer and only you can see them.


See how your day looked like and find gaps when you were inactive.

Auto tracker displaying a timeline of recorded activities
Auto tracker - idle detection

Idle time

See how active or inactive you were while using some program.


Don’t track apps you use only for a few seconds.

Auto tracker settings
Auto start and stop function

Auto start/stop

Start recording activities as soon as you turn on your computer.

Auto tracker offline mode


Start and stop the timer manually as you work on tasks.


Take screenshots every 5 minutes to see what you’ve worked on.

Idle detection

Get notified when you’re inactive while having a timer running.


Gain insights on your productivity and see where the time goes.


See what you and your team work on.

Pomodoro timer

Set work and break times to increase your productivity.