Clock in with a PIN code from a shared device.

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Clockify Kiosk feature
Kiosk feature - adding full and limited members

Limited users

Add kiosk users by name (no email required).

See pricing for kiosk users

 Kiosk feature - user clocking in

Clock in

Enter your PIN and start your shift.

Kiosk feature - user clocked out

Clock out

Enter your PIN and end your shift.

Kiosk feature - user starting break


Track time you spend on a break.

Kiosk feature - launch settings

Launch permission

Choose who can launch the kiosk.

Multiple kiosks

Multiple kiosks

Set up multiple clock-in stations.

Kiosk feature showing total tracked time

Total time

See how much time you’ve tracked.

Kiosk feature showing users' statuses


See who’s active and who’s on a break.

Kiosk feature - personal PIN

Personal PIN

Prevent people from clocking in for others.

Kiosk feature - universal PIN

Universal PIN

Allow supervisors to clock in for others.

Kiosk feature - custom session duration

Session duration

Control how long kiosk is active.

Kiosk feature - default project

Categorize time

Categorize and analyze time in reports.

Kiosk feature - switch project


Allow users to select their activity and switch between tasks.

Attendance report showing when users clocked in and out, their total time, break time, and overtime hours
Dashboard feature showing latest user activity and who is clocked in right now

1. Create kiosk and assign users

Kiosk feature - create kiosk

2. Copy kiosk link

Kiosk feature - kiosk link

3. Open kiosk link on a device

Kiosk feature - kiosk launch

Choose task

Add more details about what you're working on.

Mobile app - timer
Mobile app - gps tracking

Track location

Record your GPS location when you clock in.


Schedule assignments and plan employee capacity.

Detailed report

See each clock in and clock out along all its details.

User fields

Attach custom information to each user (like employee ID).

Add time

Add missing time clocks as admin, or edit existing ones.

Export reports

Export tracked activities or share them with payroll.


Add people to groups and assign groups to kiosks.