Free Time Card Calculator

Clockify is the only 100% free time sheet and time card calculator. Just enter how much time you've worked and it will calculate weekly and monthly hours and pay.

Fill timesheet for each day in the week

Screenshot of timesheet calculator in Clockify

Or add time cards for hours worked

Screenshot of time card calculator in Clockify

Step 1.

Select tasks

Create projects and tasks for your activities (and breaks) so you can enter how much time you've spent on them. Later, create templates so you can load all your activities with one click.

Step 2.

Enter hours worked

You can enter hours and minutes in clock format (01:30:00) or in decimal format (1.5) and Clockify will make conversion to time clock format automatically.

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Run a report to calculate time and money

Screenshot of time sheet and time card calculation in Clockify

Step 3.

Run time sheet report and see earnings

This free time sheet calculator will calculate how much time you've spent on each task and break down the data by project and time period (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly). Clockify can also calculate your gross pay totals based on worked time and your hourly rate.

Step 4.

Share data from time cards

Print or share your time cards with others (for accounting or payroll management), or export timesheet report to Excel. You can always access your data, online from a browser, whenever you need to add new time entries or run a timesheet report. Managers can add employees so they can keep track of their time and run reports on their time cards.

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Timecard and timesheet features

Extremely quick and simple

Select tasks and enter hours (clock or decimal format).

Save templates

Save common tasks and load them each week to quickly enter time for that week.

Keyboard shortcuts

Quickly enter hours worked at once using only your keyboard.

Calculate time worked

Hours for each day are automatically calculated and displayed for each day.

Hourly rates

Clockify has four types of hourly rates so the right one is always used in calculations.

Automatic calculation

Pay and earnings are automatically calculated in reports based on hourly rates.

Weekly timesheet

Time cards are saved so you can see time worked for each week.

Weekly and summary reports

Quickly see a breakdown and calculation of all entered time.

Print and export

Print reports, share access-only link with others, and export everything to Excel.

Perfect for employees

You can have an unlimited number of users entering and calculating their hours.

Lock timesheets

Prevent people from changing their timesheets and entering time cards for old dates.

Completely free

Clockify is the only truly free timesheet calculator that comes with unlimited users and features.