Track time you spend working on tasks in real time.

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Clockify Timer feature
One-click timer button

One-click timer

Enter an activity and start the timer. Or, resume a past timer with one click.

Time categorization via projects

Categorize time

Sort time by project, task, and tag, and status (billable, invoiced, approved).

Add and edit time

Add & edit time

Enter and edit hours manually when you forget to track them.

Break mode


Switch to a break mode to track your breaks.

Favorite entries

Favorite entries

Quickly start tracking time on your most common activities.

Pomodoro timer


Work in short time intervals followed by breaks to improve productivity.

Clockify integrations


Start timer directly in your favorite web apps.

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Track time using a timer

Timer on mobile

Enter time in timesheet

Timesheet on mobile

See how your day looked like

Day overview

All your activities in one place

All activities in one place

See tracked time in reports

Tracked time shown in reports
Clockify desktop apps - Mac, Windows, Linux
Clockify as a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Edge

Auto start & stop

Automatically start the timer when you turn on your computer, and stop when you turn it off.

Auto start and stop the timer
Idle detection

Idle detection

Get notified when you’re inactive while your timer is running.


Get notified when you work without a timer.

Timer reminders
Auto tracker

Auto tracker

Record apps and websites you use so you can recall what you've worked on in case you forgot to track the time manually.

Offline timer mode


Quickly start and stop the timer via keyboard.

Force timer

Disable manual mode so everyone has to use the timer.

Connect calendar

Connect Clockify with Google or Outlook calendar.

Group time

See time in chronological order or grouped.

Change start time

Specify the true time when you started working.

Auto complete

Quickly start a timer from a past activity.

Long running timer

Get an email when you forget to stop the timer.

Stop member’s timer

Clock out others yourself when they forget.

Overtime notification

Get notified when a member tracks too much time.