Free time tracking app for freelancers

Clockify is the only 100% free time tracking app for freelancers for tracking billable hours and improving productivity.

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Over 260,000 companies use Clockify to track time and improve productivity
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Freelance time tracking features

Clockify works great for anyone who bills by the work hours, no matter if you’re a consultant, freelancer, or an independent contractor working virtually from home.

Track time from anywhere with just one click

Tracking time with Clockify is so simple that you can do it with just one click.

  • Online timer mode
  • Manual time entry mode
  • Continue tracking time
  • Separate billable from non-billable time
  • Mac desktop and iPhone mobile apps for more convenient time tracking
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Share time reports with clients and build trust

You can share reports with your clients for greater transparency and more accurate billing when it comes time to invoice for your consulting services.

  • Summary and weekly reports
  • Save and share reports with clients
  • Export reports (PDF, CSV, Excel)
  • Filter, sort, and group time entries
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Improve your billable rates and project profitability

Clockify calculates how much money you've earned based on your billable rates and calculate project ROI and asses your productivity levels.

  • Clients, projects, and tasks
  • Multiple hourly rates
  • Estimates
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Why use Clockify to track your hourly freelance rates

  • Quick and hassle-free time tracking for freelancers and contractors
  • Flexible reports that give you overview of where you spend time and how much money you earn
  • Clockify is 100% free and continuously updated with new features
  • Greater transparency as you'll be able to account for each minute to your client
  • Identify where you undercharge so you can raise your billable rates
  • Improve productivity and avoid procrastination
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