Free employee attendance tracker

Clockify is the only truly free online attendance tracker that helps you track time and attendance of your employees. See who was present, when, what they worked on, and how long.

Free employee attendance tracker that helps you track the attendance of your employees at a glance Over 10,000 companies use Clockify to track time and improve productivity

How attendance tracking works

Step 1

Create Clockify account

Sign up here for free

Step 2

Invite your team

You can invite unlimited number of people, for free.

Step 3

Employees log their hours

Each team member gets their own timesheet, where they can select what they worked on and log how much time they spent on it.

Employees log their attendance tracking hours in the timesheet Learn: How to set up a simple clock-in clock-out system | Track vacation and PTO
Step 4

See in reports who worked when and how much

Weekly report shows you who logged how much time each day in the week. If people forget to log time, Clockify can automatically send them reminders.

Weekly report shows you how much everyone in your team worked and their attendance

Attendance tracking features

Insanely simple

All people have to do is log in and enter how much they worked in the timesheet.


If people forget to log their hours, Clockify will automatically send them reminders via email.

Free forever

Clockify is the only truly free attendance tracker on the market.

Unlimited users

Clockify is the only time tracking software that’s completely free and that’s continually updated with new features.

Works in browser

Clockify is a web app so your team can access it from any computer, without having to install anything.

Mobile apps

Employees can track and log their time even while on the go, using our iPhone and Android apps.

Manage projects

You can define projects and tasks, and set estimates against which employees will log their time, and then track project progress.

Export reports

You can download all attendance and time tracking data in PDF, CSV, and Excel.

Hourly rates

If you bill clients or pay employees by the hour, Clockify can automatically calculate your billable hours and hours worked for payroll.

Employee attendance tracker works across devices

Available apps for web, desktop, and mobile


Perfect for tracking our employees' hours

"We needed a better way to keep track of everyone's time, attendance, projects, and budgets in one place. Enter, Toggl! It seemed like a dream come true except... you had to pay per month and per person! There was no way our little company could afford that.

As a company just starting to get off the ground, we need every penny we can spare and a good way to track our employees' hours and project investments. Now that Clockify timesheet app is available, I have even higher hopes for our company's success this year."

— Katelyn Salem‎, Video editor at Synema Studios