Invite your team to track time and manage who can do what.

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Clockify Team feature
Invite team

Invite team

Add multiple team members at once.

User profile


Set employees' working day, capacity, rates...

Custom user fields, e.g. Employee ID or Department

User fields

Add additional information to profiles.

Bulk edit user information

Bulk edit

Update multiple user profiles with one click.

Deactivate user


Deactivate old users while retaining their data.

Team export


Customize and export team data in CSV or Excel.


Allow people to manage users and projects.

User roles
User groups


Group users together for easier management.


Control who can see and do what.

Manage user permissions
Manage user access on projects

Project access

  • Public
    Everyone can track time.
  • Private
    Only invited people can track time.

Task assignees

Define who can track time on certain tasks.

Assign tasks for some users only
Organize users on multiple workspaces

Multiple workspaces

Keep data separate in different workspaces.

Importing time in CSV format

Import time

Mass import timesheets from a CSV file.

Add time for others

Add time for others

Directly edit team’s timesheets and expenses.

Approve pending time

Approve time

Approve timesheets, time off, and expenses.

Timesheet reminders

Timesheet reminders

Remind people to log and submit timesheets.

Billable rate for users

Billable rate

Define rates for employees, projects, and tasks.

Cost rate for users

Cost rate

Track and calculate employee labor costs.

Earnings, costs, and profit in reports

Analyze profit

Compare billable earnings vs labor costs.

Locking timesheets to prevent editing

Lock timesheets

Prevent users from changing past timesheets.

Audit log of changes to time entries

Audit log

See who made what changes to timesheets.

Required fields for an entry to be saved

Required fields

Prevent creating entries with missing data.

2FA & SSO options


Improve security with a stronger login.

Log in as other users


Directly access your team’s accounts.


Define your own time off policies.

Time off policies
Time off timeline


See who’s on leave and when.


Let people see how much time off they have.

Time off balance
Schedule team members based on their working capacity

User types

  • Full members
    Add people with email who need full access to Clockify (web, mobile, desktop).
  • Limited members
    Add people without email so they can clock in via a shared kiosk.
Full and limited kiosk users
PIN codes for Kiosk log in

PIN codes

  • Personal PIN
    Allow people to clock in with their PIN code.
  • Universal PIN
    Clock in for others using a secret PIN code.


  • Attendance report
    See when people clocked in and out.
  • GPS tracking
    See mobile workforces' locations.
See user location on a map and their daily attendance

Direct messages

Send private messages to teammates.

Pumble app direct messages
Pumble app channels


Communicate with multiple people on channels.


Organize 1-1 and team audio & video calls.

Pumble app voice & video calls
Pumble mobile app

Mobile calls

Call others from a mobile app (iOS, Android)


Share files with others and later find them.

Learn more

Pumble file sharing


Record work expenses and project-related fees.


Set up hourly rates per user, project, or task.


Compare what you charge clients vs labor costs.

QuickBooks integration

Send time to QuickBooks for accounting and payroll.


Plan projects and assignments on a timeline.


Submit timesheets to managers for approval.