Olivera Pribisic - Productivity author and researcher at Clockify

Olivera Pribisic is a writer and researcher with a keen interest in time management. She spent years testing out and developing strategies that would maximize her own productivity. Now, she continues to search for the most optimal methods, but with the aim of sharing them with those who would like to learn more about this topic.

Her professional background is diverse. As a student, she briefly found herself in the world of translating and teaching. However, after earning her MA degree in English language and literature, she decided to venture into writing. This was a no-brainer for her, considering that writing extensive research papers was her favorite part of going to university.

When she started working as a freelance writer, she found herself struggling with managing time in a way that would allow for a healthy work-life balance. That is, when she decided to try out a time tracker.

Having tested out a few options, she found that the time tracking software solution that worked for her was Clockify. Little did she know that one day she would get to be a contributor on the Clockify blog page.

Over the years, she has had experience writing about a wide range of topics, including business, tech, finance, law, lifestyle, and home improvement. When it comes to the business niche, she was always drawn to topics related to remote work and time management.

In her free time, she likes to express herself in various ways – from writing poems to dancing the argentine tango.

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