Getting Started

Introduction to Clockify

Clockify is the only 100% free time tracking software on the market. It’s so simple that you and your team can track work time with one click.

Time Tracker #

Everything in Clockify revolves around time entries. You track time you spend working on things and then analyze workweeks in reports. Clockify also lets you invite others so you can track and analyze time together.

There are two ways you can create time entries in Clockify:

  • Using timer, as you work
    When you start working, type what you’re working on and start a timer; when you finish, stop the timer and the time entry gets added automatically to your timesheet.
  • Add time manually, after you’ve finished
    If you don’t want to bother with the timer (or you forgot to start it), you can manually add time entries after the fact. Simply type what you worked on, choose start and/or duration, and add the time entry.

Time entries are more useful once you categorize them. Add a project, task, or tag to each time entry so you can better analyze your time.

Calendar #

See how your day looks like, find gaps, and directly edit and add time via drag&drop in Calendar view.

Timesheet #

Log time manually by day and activity in Timesheet view (you first have to enable it in Settings).

Dashboard #

Once you have some time entries, visit Dashboard to see how productive you are and where you spend most of your time.

Reports #

There are several types of reports in Clockify:

  • Summary report is your standard report where you can filter and break down data.
  • Detailed report is for when you want to see all time entries, filter them, and edit them directly.
  • Weekly report is for seeing who tracked how much time each week.
  • Shared reports are the links to reports you shared with others.

Projects #

Projects section is where you can set up projects, tasks, assignees, hourly rates, and estimates.

Team #

Team section is where you invite new team members, define hourly rates for each person, and manage groups.

Extras #

You can upgrade and access additional features, like invoicing, approval, GPS tracking, screenshots, and more.