Natasa Milojevic

Productivity author and researcher at Clockify

Natasa has been a productivity and time management geek ever since somebody set her first deadline once upon a time. That was the moment she realized that sitting around waiting for the deadline to magically go away was simply not going to cut it.

Fast forward to today, she’s a productivity author and content editor by day and a PhD candidate by night. Since getting to the bottom of the ins and outs of communication is deeply woven into everything she does, Natasa is a communication author and researcher at Pumble too.

In her spare time, she mostly rummages through the depths of the Internet in search of the best time management strategies.

When she’s not scrolling through research articles around the clock, Natasa’s most frequently seen testing out different productivity strategies that could help her read a book a day, write at least a couple of hundred words, and still have some time to sit back and relax.

So far, Natasa’s endless research has helped her discover all shades of procrastination and its effective antidote, shake off the urge to multitask, and deep work like a pro.

As a former teacher turned writer, Natasa found it natural to try to pass on the accumulated knowledge, share her tried and tested formula for leveling up time management skills, and help everyone out there chasing the clock skip a few steps on their way to becoming productivity masters.

She mostly talks about productivity, procrastination, work-life balance, and time management.