Forecasting helps you visualize your project’s progress based on tracked time. See how you’ve performed on recurring projects each month and make predictions based on scheduled assignments and add estimates or budget to see if the project will go over or under them.

Forecasting is an extra feature, available to admins only. You can enable it by upgrading your workspace to Pro or Enterprise plan.

Creating chart #

  1. Go to the Projects page from the sidebar
  2. Choose Forecast tab
  3. Pick a date or a time period in the future

Every point in the X axis will show the value of the specific time period you picked (day, week, month).

Day: Value in the x axis is in days and every point in the curve shows value by day. 
Week: Value in the x axis shows the whole week for every point.
Month: Value in the x axis shows the whole month for every point.

Forecasting project completion #

The chart shows project completion based on the project estimate and the hours that have been clocked in.

Completed (solid blue line)

Shows completed tasks based on the billable tracked time so far, meaning everything completed until present day.

Forecasted (dotted blue line)

Shows completed tasks based on billable tracked time plus future scheduled billable time. It starts with Today, which means that the Forecasted curve starts where the Completed curve ends. If it goes over the estimated horizontal line, the part of the curve that is over the estimate will be in red 

Scheduled (solid gray line)

Shows completed tasks based on scheduled billable hours on this project. This curve is connected to the Scheduling feature and takes scheduling assignments for the Y axis value (number of scheduled hours).

Estimate (solid gray line or solid red line if projects goes over estimate) 

Shows completed tasks based on estimate in project settings.

If week/month is selected from the period picker and Today is included in the selected period, everything up to Today is completed and everything after Today, to the end of the week/month is Scheduled.