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Set up multiple currencies

As an admin, you can define multiple currencies on your workspace and assign to a client the currency they are using. This way, client’s rates and amounts are displayed in their preferred currency.  

Defining multiple currencies is available for admins on all subscription plans. Assigning a specific currency to a client is only possible with a PRO or higher subscription plan, including trial subscriptions.

Follow the instructions below to add new currency, change the default currency and effectively manage client-specific currencies.  

To add new currency:

  1. Go to the Workspace settings
  2. Navigate to the Currencies section
  3. Click Edit next to the Currencies dropdown menu

In the Edit currencies screen that appears, edit the existing currency or click on +Add currency if you’d like to create a new one. 

To change the default currency:

  1. Go to the Workspace settings
  2. Navigate to the Currencies section
  3. Choose one of the available currencies from the dropdown

If there is a defined currency assigned to a client, and that currency is deleted, the default one is automatically assigned to it. The default currency acts as a fallback option when the specific currency is missing or unavailable. Default currency cannot be deleted.

To delete the defined currency:

  1. Click X next to the currency you want to delete
  2. Confirm the deletion in the screen that appears
  3. Currency will be deleted accordingly

If you’d like to assign different currencies to different clients, check out the Help Center instructions.

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