Aleksandar Olic

VP of Marketing at COING Inc

Aleksandar Olic is the VP of Marketing at COING Inc. With more than 10+ years of experience, he is responsible for managing positioning and marketing for COING products, including Clockify, Pumble, and Plaky.

Aleksandar’s career in software marketing began in 2012. Since then, he had a chance to work in every facet of a SaaS company, from support and QA, to design, product management, and content writing.

Aleksandar has a bachelor’s degree in business management and specializes in helping software businesses establish an online presence, create compelling brands, drive demand, and find product-market fit through customer development.

His previous experience includes writing technical articles for a company that made CI/CD software, then doing marketing for a company that made project management software, and then finally getting the chance to create a brand from scratch in a new startup that just released their own product.

Having a profound love for everything regarding software, Aleksandar has become an expert in the field. He’s been tinkering with software ever since he first got to use Windows 98. Once he got a dial-up connection, a whole new world of possibilities unlocked. Since then, he’s been learning everything he can, from design and coding, to business and management.

In his role at COING, he leverages his vast knowledge and experience to help improve products, positioning, customer base, and revenue. You’ll find his work throughout the website in form of help articles, website copy and visuals, UX, pricing, landing pages, and videos. His goal is to make the whole customer journey easy and frictionless: from delivering straight-to-the-point messaging to ensuring users have a clear path to a successful usage and upgrade.

In his spare time, he loves to explore unconventional ideas and learn how people think and behave. He’s a cultural omnivore and a huge corgi fan.