140 Payroll and Timesheet Memes to Brighten Your Day in 2024

People can be divided into two groups:

  • Those who always fill in timesheets on time, and 
  • Those who fill in their timesheets at the last moment, hoping they did it right. 

And if you’re on the receiving end, you’re probably tired of sending generic message reminders to make your employees send their timesheets on time. 

But what if we told you that you could spice your next timecard or payroll reminder message up with a cool meme

Memes make everything funnier — even the tiresome timesheet and payroll reminders. 

So, if you want to motivate your team members to be punctual when submitting their timecards, take inspiration from our list of 140 payroll and timesheet memes, divided into several categories:

  • Timesheet reminder memes,
  • Payroll reminder memes, and
  • Time management memes. 
Payroll and timesheet memes - cover

Timesheet reminder memes

Whether you’re sending a timesheet reminder at the end of the week or 10 minutes before they are due — choose a timecard meme to make your message sound more nonchalant and funny. 

Here’s what we have in store for you. 

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Weekend timesheets meme
Waiting for timesheets meme
3 How about we remind them about every deadline meme
4 Unfinished timesheets meme
5 Finish timesheets on time or draw 25 meme
6 You forgot to stop the timer meme
7.Time estimates meme
8 According to my calculations meme
9 The scroll of truth meme
10 Did I submit my timesheet meme
10.Timesheets deadline meme
11.Ignoring timesheet reminders meme
12.Filling out timesheets wrongly meme
13.Bernie Sanders timesheet meme
15 Goody gumdrops meme
16 Dude where's your timesheet meme
15. Jack Sparrow Timesheet
18 That would be great meme
20.Never submitting timesheets on time meme
Fill timesheet meme
21 You shall not be paid meme
Say hello to my timesheet reminder meme
23 Bad things will happen meme
24 Not another timesheet email meme
25 You'd be a lot cooler if you did meme
26 We want timesheets on time meme
27 Don't forget to fill out your timesheet meme
28 One does not simply meme
29 You can't fill work timesheets if you haven't worked meme
Dog in meeting timesheet meme
31 Timecard means paycheck meme
32 Don't forget to clock out meme
33 Just a friendly reminder to submit your timesheet meme
Ultimate reminder timesheet meme
35 Timecard approval week is here meme
Timesheet reminder timesheet meme
37 Beware the revenge of the fifth meme
38 Oh look an email about my timesheet meme
39 An important announcement meme
40 Timesheeting is hard meme
41 If ed sheeran can be on got meme
Transform your time timesheet meme
43 Turning in timesheets is so hot meme
Sad cat timesheet meme
Oprah timesheet meme
Had your chance timesheet meme
47 Just poppin' in to remind you meme
Mr Bean timesheet meme
Sweet timesheets meme
Friday timesheets meme
Timesheet reminder-group meme
52 Timesheets meme
Gimme timesheet Timesheets meme
Kitten timesheet meme
Submit you timesheet meme
Your timesheet your paycheck meme
Send timesheets on time meme
Timesheet reminders everywhere meme
Work or fill timesheets meme
You should submit your timesheet on time meme
Bernie Sanders asking for timesheets meme
Regular timesheets mean regular paycheck meme
Just do your timesheet meme
64 It's Monday we're getting paid meme
65 I see you doing your timesheet meme
Timesheet reminder meme
Submit your timesheet every week meme
Timesheet reminders meme
69 Timesheet deadline approaches meme
Waiting for timesheets meme
You can do it timesheet meme
Timesheet deadlines meme
73 I'll need you to submit your timesheet meme
Late timesheet meme
You forgot to submit your timesheet meme
Missing timesheet migraine meme
Submit timesheet or go out meme
You didn’t do your timesheets meme
79 When are timesheets due meme
Your timesheet is due Monday meme
Timesheets are due again meme
Time reporting witch meme
Timecards are due meme
Timesheet news meme
It’s timesheet day meme
86 Running from the timesheet reminder meme
Time for timesheets meme
88 Timesheets are late meme
89 Me waiting for your timesheet meme

Payroll reminder memes

Sending payroll reminders doesn’t have to be a pain in your neck. Take a look at these payroll memes and use them the next time you have to remind your team members about payroll.

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Calculating payroll and hours worked can be tiresome. With our payroll calculator, you can automate your payroll process and do everything in less than a minute. Find it here: 

Payroll day meme
Payroll week again meme
3 Employees when they realize it’s payroll week meme
When you see A payroll reminder meme
Another payroll reminder meme
Payroll approval meme
Payroll week meme
Is payroll week over meme
Payroll week vs me meme
Not another payroll reminder meme

Time management memes

Some people are natural at time management, and some just aren’t. 

Do you have to remind your employees to record their working hours regularly? 

Do you have to give them feedback on their poor time management skills? 

Do you want to praise them for being punctual?

Do it with a meme.

Take a look at these time management memes and pick your favorite one!

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We all want to be as productive as possible. However, some of us just can’t do it without a little help. Check out our guide to get started: 

100 Emergency meeting meme
101 Finishing at 5 pm meme
Time blocking meme
103 Meetings that could've been emails meme
Emergency meeting invite meme
Manager congratulating employee meme
Employees and productivity meme
107 Not sure if I'm overworked meme
What give people feelings of power meme
Do we manage our time meme
110 Time management expert meme
Cheers to being productive meme
Employee tracks all their tasks meme
My time management skills vs me meme
Learn to prioritize meme
Using an app to track your tasks meme
Submitting assignment one minute before deadline meme
Day off meme
Procrastination vs time management meme
Last-minute adjustments meme
Time management course meme
Distractions are bad meme
Harry Potter time management meme
Goddess of effective planning meme
The meeting is about to end meme
What is good time management meme
Working on the wrong task meme
Tracking every task meme
Where did my day go meme
Motivation meme
Tim management tip meme
My brain vs me meme
Drinking meme
My manager explaining what good time management is meme
Trojan horse meme
Choosing the right path meme
The Eisenhower Matrix meme
Your manager ignores your message meme
Why are you so obsessed with me meme
Another time management meme
You see that guy meme

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Automate timesheet reminders with Clockify meme

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