Ivana Jakovljevic - Productivity author and researcher at Clockify

Ivana Jakovljevic is a productivity author and researcher at Clockify whose mission is to dive deeper into various productivity topics and find the best ways to help readers reduce stress and manage their everyday tasks more effectively. She believes that, with only a small but significant change, anyone can lead a more organized life.

Having a Bachelor’s degree in English Language and Literature from the Faculty of Philology, Belgrade, she was naturally drawn to writing. As soon as she graduated, she started working as a translator, which she remembers as a valuable experience. Although she found herself exploring different options, her ultimate goal was to become a content writer, so she soon started building her career by working as a freelance content writer.

The topic of productivity has always been her greatest interest. Learning how to manage her own life prompted her to start writing about productivity and to motivate others to form certain routines. During the pandemic, she has also developed an interest in remote working and its benefits.

Ivana believes that the best work comes from those who take care of their mental health, so she spends her days finding the ultimate tips on how to stay motivated, healthy, and productive.

In her free time, she likes to travel, spend quality time with her friends and family, and relax by watching a movie or cooking.

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