How Clockify Transformed Team Time Tracking Forever

You know that feeling when you’re doing your best to track time, but you’re also wondering:

Am I really doing this right?

Is tracking time spent on projects via pen-and-paper or stopwatch the most efficient way to do it?

Well, no. It’s not.

Tracking time using traditional methods is time-consuming and leaves room for human error. And lots of it.

In the quest for a better, affordable solution, our team developed a tool that revolutionized team time tracking.

Stay tuned to learn how we got started — and what that means for you today.

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Origin story: How Clockify came to be

It all started with our small team of developers working on client projects. 

Naturally, we needed to track time spent working on those projects in order to accurately bill our clients.

One day, we got an email notifying us that we were now expected to pay double for the time tracker we were using for this purpose — we had to pay a lot of money for something as basic as simple timekeeping for all team members.


So, for practical and pricing reasons, we decided it was time to build our own time tracker. After all, we always wanted to move on to building our own products. 

We toyed with this idea before, but the market seemed to have no need for another time tracker — or so it seemed. This shows how one email can change everything.

And that’s when Clockify was born.

Knowing exactly what we needed from a time tracker, we worked on creating the perfect solution for our needs.

Realizing that it’s always best to share a good thing, we offered Clockify to the world so that everyone could have access to free, basic time tracking for an unlimited number of teammates.

Clockify enters the market and conquers it

That’s when people realized Clockify’s value and started using it — more and more users flocked every day.

However, the biggest boost for our app happened on one summer day in 2017 when Clockify ended up on Product Hunt, totally unplanned.

To kill time while waiting for his flight to San Francisco, Nenad Milanović, the founder of Clockify, put the app on this popular platform — without any strategy.  

After that, nothing was ever the same.

Much to everyone’s surprise, the Clockify user base began to expand at an incredible rate. The simple-to-use tool got over 20,000 new users in fewer than 24 hours!

What drew people to this app was the ease with which they could track their work hours across projects — either via timer or by adding time manually

Tracking time in Clockify
Tracking time in Clockify

Proving to be a reliable tool, Clockify began to attract very notable clients — such as a Fortune 500 company. As you can guess, this was a big moment for Clockify’s growth.

And the good things kept on coming.

In 2020, Bloomberg recognized Clockify as one of the best startups to invest $1 million in. Apart from that, Clockify has been featured in top publications, such as Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Times, and others, always cited as among the best apps in various categories. In fact, a 2024 Forbes article ranked Clockify as the best overall time tracking app.

Over time, Clockify has expanded the benefits and options it offers, becoming a powerful app that covers everything, from Kiosk to scheduling.

Sure, we had to put in a lot of effort before the app became what it is now — the most popular time tracker for teams used by millions of users, including brands such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise, American Express, Siemens, Nestlé, and others.

But it was all worth it. 

Clockify has definitely transformed time tracking for everyone.

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💡 Clockify Pro Tip

Want to hear more about Clockify directly from its users? Check out these interesting, eye-opening customer stories: 

What separates Clockify from other time tracking tools for teams?

Reviews on Capterra don’t lie. Countless users said that Clockify is “easy to use” and “cost-effective” — all reasons that prompted them to switch to Clockify.  

One user mentioned the ability to “add tasks for projects” as one of Clockify’s strengths — something their previous time tracker lacked.  

As a team time management app, Clockify allows you to:

  • Create projects and assign tasks to team members,
  • Track how much time they spend on these tasks,
  • Use the Team feature to set hourly rates, add roles, and more.
Clockify Team feature
Clockify Team feature

This way, you can track the time your team spends on projects and manage their tasks.

Interestingly, a Computerworld article says Clockify was created “with teams in mind.” Being simple to use and offering abundant team management options, Clockify makes life easier for managers and employees alike.

Whether you work from the office or home, this remote work and team software helps you monitor your team’s productivity. For illustration, one user review said that Clockify helped their team improve efficiency “through the tons of insight available for analysis.” This option made them stick with Clockify and never want to try another tool, among other things.

On a similar note, the Reports feature lets you: 

  • Analyze how you and your team spend time,
  • Download reports in PDF, CSV, or Excel, and more.
Clockify Reports
Clockify Reports feature

Clockify has a free plan that offers many useful features. However, if you want extra options, you can choose one of the paid plans.

Clockify pricing
Clockify pricing

These plans are affordable and “worth every penny” — as Clockify customers often emphasize.

From being a tool that suddenly appeared on the market to a widely used time tracking solution, Clockify leaves a lasting impression on any team who discovers it.

Ivana  Jakovljevic

Ivana Jakovljevic is a productivity author and researcher, always ready to learn more about productivity and its power to create a perfect work-life balance. Since making the most of her time has become her passion, she is constantly searching for unique productivity and time management hacks.


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