Jelena Mraovic - Productivity author and researcher at Clockify

Presumably, as soon as she got her master’s degree in English, Jelena let her career run its course and became an English teacher (well she already was teaching English but now it was official). Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that one day she would become a writer, meaning to say, it never occurred to her that she had it in her.

A few years later, Jelena started feeling unmotivated and uninspired to work as a teacher anymore (repeating the rules for Present Simple third person singular for the 500th time really worn her out — mentally and physically). She was eager to explore more, and see if she can break into a new industry. One of her passions is reading and exploring the vast world of the Internet — one thing led to another, Jelena found an interesting job ad and applied.

Today, Jelena enjoys writing and doing extensive research on effective and proven time management techniques and skills.

Perhaps it sounds a bit silly — why would you need anyone to tell you how to manage your time after all !? (had the same attitude before) — but the truth is, time management techniques and tools can help people discover a whole new perspective on being productive and focusing on what matters.

Writing about time management and productivity helped Jelena master her skills on a daily basis, and now she is more than eager to bring personal experience into her writing and help people sharpen their skills.

Apart from being a writer, Jelena also works as a content editor and proofreads others’ works, too.

Sometimes (in her free time and when she feels like it), Jelena gives English lessons, but also enjoys working out and sourcing vintage antiques at the local flea market.

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