8 Best Productivity Podcasts in 2024

Living in the modern world definitely has its benefits. We witness technological breakthroughs on a daily basis that provide us with comfortable living in different ways.

However, with all the perks we get from technology, it’s still hard to find the time to relax and enjoy — we often struggle with overwork, burnout, and stress, to name a few.

But, how can you find the time to learn alongside the daily mess you struggle with?

Well, whatever you do, plug in your earphones and listen to a productivity podcast. And, if you’re having trouble deciding which one, this blog is here to help out.

We’ve compiled a list of the most relevant, informative, and best productivity podcasts that 2024 has to offer. Here’s what we found:

  • Deep Questions,
  • The Tim Ferriss Show,
  • Getting Things Done,
  • Huberman Lab,
  • Beyond To-Do List,
  • The Productivity Show (Asian Efficiency) ,
  • Before Breakfast, and
  • Deep Dive.

Deep Questions — the best for improving career focus

Deep Questions with Cal Newport

Albeit a relatively new podcast, with its first episode aired in 2020, Cal Newport has amassed a large number of listeners that tune in on a weekly basis. As the name suggests, the purpose of the podcast is to delve into deep questions regarding life and the ever-changing world we live in.

What type of content does Deep Questions offer?

As a computer science professor and an author, Cal Newport’s narrative authority comes from incorporating technological knowledge into the life experience of an individual. 

He achieves this by delving deep into philosophical thought regarding a person’s habits and troubles and finding correlations between technology and their behavior. 

For example, in episode 244 — Thoughts on ChatGPT — Cal goes deep into the theory behind how ChatGPT influences our day-to-day, its perks, and its productive uses on a daily basis.

Furthermore, Cal strives to answer some burning questions in his episodes that come from his readers and listeners. He uses them as prompts to create the narrative around the episode, but also to offer advice about:

  • Cultivating focus, 
  • Staying productive, and 
  • Finding meaning in life and things that surround us.

Why is Deep Questions the best podcast for improving career focus?

Aside from running a productivity podcast, Cal Newport is a published non-fiction author whose works often revolve around:

  • Rules for focusing on work,
  • Digital minimalism,
  • Becoming a better student/worker, and
  • Instructions on improving career goals.

With such principles and tenets in his arsenal, Cal decided to extend his deep knowledge and understandings to his podcasts, and oftentimes talks about these topics in his episodes.

Podcast nameDeep Questions
Host:Cal Newport
iTunes rating:4.8
Type of podcast:Solo commentary with guest appearances
Number of episodes:270+
Notable episode: Ep. 253: Making Time For What Matters (w/ Laura Vanderkam)

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Cal Newport’s narrative voice extends podcasting and encompasses books as well. His most famous work, Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, prompted us to analyze it in-depth and find correlations in time tracking. Read more about it here:

The Tim Ferriss Show — the best for lifestyle productivity

The Tim Ferriss Show

A staple in the podcasting community, The Tim Ferriss Show has been around the block since 2014 and still continues to mesmerize the crowd with its innovative, enticing, and valuable one-on-one interviews.

What type of content does The Tim Ferriss Show offer?

A proclaimed author and public speaker, Tim Ferriss offers a unique point of view on life by diving deep into the lives of prominent figures, professionals, and celebrities from various fields. By analyzing their behavior, Tim aims to isolate the bullet points that his listeners can use to improve their day-to-day habits and rituals.

The guests Ferriss invites to his podcasts come from various industries, including:

  • Business,
  • Sports,
  • Entertainment,
  • Health, and
  • Science.

What’s the main premise of the show? Listeners can learn simple ways to change the way they think and act by incorporating habits that professionals practice.

With over 700 episodes under his belt, Tim is regarded as one of the key figures in the podcasting community and still goes strong with over 900 million downloads worldwide.

Why is The Tim Ferriss Show the best for lifestyle productivity?

As hinted above, the show’s purpose is not only to educate on improving one’s productivity, but also to show how to make simple lifestyle changes that can have large effects on an individual’s well being.

For example, one of the greatest and most vital basketball players of all time, LeBron James, had a guest appearance on the show where he shared in detail everything regarding his training, recovery, and diet.

Podcast nameThe Tim Ferriss Show
Host:Tim Ferriss
iTunes rating:4.6
Type of podcast:One-on-one interviews
Number of episodes:700+
Notable episode: Ep. 349: LeBron James and His Top Secret Trainer, Mike Mancias

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If you’re up to hearing more advice on productivity and the way you can maximize it, take a look at the blog below:

Getting Things Done — the best for practicing organization methods

Getting Things Done

Do you often feel like you have no time to finish the things you started? Do you feel preoccupied and overwhelmed with tasks? In that case, Getting Things Done is the podcast for you.

What type of content does Getting Things Done offer?

“Your head is a terrible office.” This is the base premise for David Allen’s book Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity that he later incorporated into the podcast.

In essence, the idea behind getting things done (GTD) revolves around reducing stress, prioritizing tasks, and finding efficient ways to tackle daily tasks without feeling overwhelmed. By incorporating productivity methods he acquired in his long and versatile career into his hybrid-style podcast (solo commentary and guest appearances), David manages to captivate the attention of the audiences around the world.

He mostly helps his listeners learn more on how to:

  • Implement GTD in creative industries,
  • Deal with competing priorities,
  • Streamline their email communication, and
  • Make changes stick.

Why is Getting Things Done the best for practicing organization methods?

Aside from being a public speaker, David Allen has spent the better part of a decade working various jobs, from practicing magic and driving U-Hauls to writing productivity books.

His versatile arsenal of knowledge has helped him recognize the many aspects of work and how work affects the individual on a psychological level. 

The main steps to figuring out and mastering the daily workflow and practice organization, according to his GTD method, are:

  • Capture the assignment, 
  • Clarify the assignment, 
  • Organize the assignment,
  • Reflect on the assignment, and 
  • Engage the assignment.

Furthermore, it’s important to note that his GTD method is tried and tested, while resting on legitimate psychological methods on dealing with stress.

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If you’re interested in hearing more about GTD and the intricacies behind it, the following blog will be the perfect bedtime read for you:

Podcast nameGetting Things Done
Host:Jason Atwood, David Allen, and coaches
iTunes rating:4.4
Type of podcast:Hybrid podcast
Number of episodes:230+
Notable episode: Ep. 233: The Value Of Writing Things Down

Huberman Lab — the best informative podcast

Huberman Lab

To become truly productive, one should not simply follow the rules to change their behavior. There’s also some science behind it, and it’s not a bad idea to understand the premise behind it all before you start your journey to success. But where will you get the necessary info? Huberman Lab.

What type of content does Huberman Lab offer?

Huberman Lab is a relatively new podcast, with its first episodes airing in late 2021. Although a newcomer to the industry, Huberman Lab quickly found a mass of followers due to its unique approach to productivity that revolves around connecting science and behavioral psychology.

The voice behind Huberman Lab, Andrew Huberman, is a Stanford University professor in neuroscience and ophthalmology who possesses a wide range of knowledge in medicine overall.

The podcast revolves around explaining processes that happen on a daily basis in a human body and how they affect our lives and behavior. By connecting the dots, Andrew usually forms a plan that his listeners can use to switch up their habits in a way that is science-proofed.

Why is the Huberman Lab the best informative podcast?

Putting aside the fact that Andrew is a certified neuroscientist and doctor, it’s important to note that the podcast itself is based on facts, research, and studies that he often cites for his listeners. 

Also, he brings in guest speakers from various medicinal fields to help out with analysis of certain medical conditions and to bring light to topics and issues that his listeners struggle with on an everyday basis.

For example, the episode with a guest appearance from Dr. Adam Grant titled — How to Unlock Your Potential, Motivation & Unique Abilities — deals with unraveling the fundamental truths behind motivation and how people can flourish once they unlock their true potential.

Podcast nameHuberman Lab
Host:Andrew Huberman
iTunes rating:4.9
Type of podcast:Hybrid podcast
Number of episodes:150+
Notable episode: Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan: Curing All Human Diseases and the Future of Health and Technology

Beyond To-Do List — the best for learning how to simplify things

Beyond To-Do List

If you’re struggling with overcomplicating things in life and you need a way to deconstruct and enjoy the little things — Eric Fisher’s podcast should do the trick.

What type of content does Beyond To-Do List offer?

Simply put, the Beyond the To-Do List helps you make the most of your goals and tasks in everyday life. 

By conducting one-on-one interviews with professionals from various fields, Eric helps deconstruct certain challenges and issues we face every day and tries to find practical solutions to them.

Some of the key things his listeners learn from the episodes revolve around:

  • How to get to the true meaning of productivity,
  • How to practice digital minimalism,
  • How to overcome stress, and
  • How to battle being overwhelmed.

A unique aspect that he further offers to his listeners is the combination of scientific and personal. No matter the guest, whether it’s a sports person or a scientist, he will often go deep into the objective and the subjective nature of the topic, in order to offer a clear picture on the subject.

Why is the Beyond To-Do List the best for learning how to simplify things?

Even though the podcast often tackles both intricate and simple matters, the goal is to deconstruct the issue in a way that it seems simplistic, and most importantly, solvable. Eric’s perspective is that there is a root issue that can be worked on in all cases and isolating it will lead to finding simple ways to deal with the problem.

Podcast nameBeyond the To-Do List
Host:Eric Fisher
iTunes rating:4.4
Type of podcast:One-on-one interviews
Number of episodes:500+
Notable episode: Anna Dearman Kornick on Mastering Time Management Essentials

The Productivity Show (by Asian Efficiency) — the best practical podcast

The Productivity Show

Many productivity podcasts offer theoretical solutions to battling productivity, but The Productivity Show goes right to the core of the problem and offers practical tips on what you can do everyday to reduce stress and become more efficient in the process.

What type of content does The Productivity Show offer?

“Win Back Time, Double Your Energy And Achieve Your Goals!” With a premise like this, listeners are instantly immersed in the content that Asian Efficiency provides within their podcast episodes. 

The hosts, Thanh Pham and Brooks Duncan, have been featured in Forbes and many respected publications for their contributions regarding maximizing efficiency and task prioritization.

It is a hybrid podcast that deals with both solo commentary and interviews with experts from the productivity fields, such as David Allen, Cal Newport, and many others.

Why is The Productivity Show the best practical podcast?

Unlike the Huberman Lab, The Productivity Show deals less with the theoretical background of efficiency and prioritization. Instead, the podcast tackles tried and tested methods you can use to stay productive from dusk till dawn.

Podcast nameThe Productivity Show
Host:Thanh Pham and Brooks Duncan
iTunes rating:4.4
Type of podcast:Hybrid podcast
Number of episodes:300+
Notable episode: How To Say No: Set Boundaries and Create Win-Win Situations

Before Breakfast — the best for bite-sized advice

Before Breakfast

For all of you with busy schedules, Before Breakfast is the perfect way to start the day. As you’re sipping your morning coffee, listen to an episode or two that lasts around 5 minutes with advice on productivity and seizing the day.

What type of content does Before Breakfast offer?

Before Breakfast is a productivity podcast that aims to kickstart every individual’s morning. The host, Laura Vanderkam, is a time management author and speaker that aims to share little nuggets of wisdom every day, in hopes of helping people balance their work and personal life.

Being 5-6 minutes short, the episodes deal with practical advice, such as:

  • Keeping work life productive with a big family,
  • How to resist quitting before a challenge,
  • Letting loved ones help when you’re overwhelmed, and
  • Working from home and parenting.

With over 1,500 episodes aired, Laura has been giving out advice since 2019 and still manages to find enticing ways to captivate the crowd while offering an early-morning peace of mind through her soothing words.

Why is Before Breakfast the best for bite-sized advice?

In general, people that struggle with productivity lack the time to spend with their families, enjoy their life outside of work, or even finish their work obligations on time. 

With this in mind, the standard podcasting format with episodes ranging from 1-2 hours is simply impractical for some, which is where Before Breakfast comes to the rescue.

Not only is it short, but it’s straight to the point and dabbles in different productivity categories with each airing.

Podcast nameBefore Breakfast
Host:Laura Vanderkam
iTunes rating:4.5
Type of podcast:Solo commentary
Number of episodes:1,500+
Notable episode: Is time management dehumanizing?

Deep Dive — the best optimistic podcast

Deep Dive with Ali Abdaal

Some podcasters often delve into the harsh reality when it comes to solving productivity issues, which can be downright depressing for some listeners. On the other hand, Ali Abdaal makes sure his listeners have a good time and enjoy every step of the way in their journey.

What type of content does Deep Dive offer?

Ali is an ex-doctor that studied medicine at Cambridge University, but later turned to writing and posting regularly on YouTube. His podcasting method is characterized by a positive approach and using well-researched and proven content, which makes him liked by all new listeners.

In essence, Ali believes that the modern world is filled with chaos, rush, and the overflow of information, which often make us feel suffocated. In one-on-one conversations and solo commentaries, Ali sheds light on these issues but also instructs his listeners on how to tackle them.

Some of the common topics that Ali covers include:

  • Overcoming stress,
  • Tips on staying productive,
  • Establishing positive mindsets, and
  • Redirecting negative energy in a positive way.

His podcast attracted many renowned figures from entertainment and science, some of which you most definitely heard of:

  • MKBHD,
  • Mrwhosetheboss,
  • Tiago Forte,
  • Ben Francis, and many others.

Why is Deep Dive the best optimistic podcast?

Ali’s approach to success is simple — “You won’t achieve happiness with success — joy leads to success.”

Only by enjoying the journey and focusing on the positives can one truly become productive, focus on the work, and become successful in their field.

Podcast nameDeep Dive
Host:Ali Abdaal
iTunes rating:4.8
Type of podcast:Hybrid podcast
Number of episodes:130+
Notable episode: From Zero to 10 Million YouTube Subscribers — Mrwhosetheboss

Mastering efficiency: Elevate your productivity levels with insightful podcasts and time tracking tools 

The best productivity podcasts offer a variety of ways that help you tap into your productive nature, such as practical exercises, celebrity tips, and planned-out activity lists.

However, when it comes to truly dedicating yourself to work, working on improving productivity, and seeing the results, Clockify can be your partner in crime. 

Clockify Dashboard
Clockify lets you track time spent on tasks and projects

As you work, it’ll track the time it takes you to finish your assignments and later review them for an in-depth analysis of your working patterns. From there on, you can extract the data in PDF, CSV, or Excel sheets and find holes in your system that need working on.

So, with the help of podcasts, changing your mindset, and using the tools at your disposal, the change is imminent — you’ll boost your productivity levels in no time.

Marija  Kojic

Marija Kojic is a productivity writer who's always researching about various productivity techniques and time management tips in order to find the best ones to write about. She can often be found testing and writing about apps meant to enhance the workflow of freelancers, remote workers, and regular employees. Appeared in G2 Crowd Learning Hub, The Good Men Project, and Pick the Brain, among other places.


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