You can prevent users from adding incomplete time entries with required fields. This will ensure that all time entries have a mandatory minimum amount of information assigned to them, so your reports are organized and accurate at all times.

You can make these fields mandatory:

  • Project
  • Task
  • Tag
  • Description

Required fields is an extra feature, which you can enable by upgrading your workspace to Plus plan.

How to enable required fields #

On the Workspace Settings page, administrators can define which fields on a time entry are mandatory before the time entry can be created.

Note: when the task is a required field, projects that don’t have tasks don’t show up in the project picker.

How it works #

For example, if you check Project and Task as required:

  • No one can add a time entry without a project and task (not even admins)
  • The timer can be started but can’t be stopped until you add a project and task
  • Past entries can’t be edited unless they have a project and task

If you have timesheet enabled #

If you have timesheet enabled:

  • Project field automatically becomes a required field and can’t be turned off
  • Tag and Description can no longer be required fields (because they can’t be added in the timesheet)
  • You can only choose whether you want to add Task to be a required field