Ivana Fisic

Productivity author and researcher | Content Editor at Coing

Ivana Fisic is a time management researcher and writer with more than 2 years of experience in content writing. She has been writing about many topics, and the most common areas she covers are time management, productivity, remote work, and work-life balance. Ivana especially likes discussing interesting and relevant topics with experts and presenting their ideas in a form of an interview. In addition, what she also finds interesting is creating various templates for improving individual and team productivity and time management.

She has always been passionate about writing, which is why she has finished her BA in Journalism, at the Faculty of Philosophy, Novi Sad. Ivana also enrolled in an MA program in Cultural Studies at the same university.

Apart from being a content writer, Ivana works as a content editor. This part of her job involves proofreading blog posts and resource articles.

Ivana is always exploring new methods of how time management can help you organize your workflow more effectively, as well as how you can increase your productivity, especially when working remotely.

As for her hobbies, Ivana enjoys traveling as much as she can. Being a remote worker, Ivana believes that, with proper time management, you can work from anywhere. She advocates that you can quench your thirst for travel by dedicating one part of the day to work, and the other one to experiencing and exploring new places. Aside from traveling, her other hobbies include barre fitness and making desserts.