Practical tips and insights into topics that connect time tracking and time management with various business areas.

Afraid of Undercharging? Here’s How to Bill Clients Accurately

Worried about undercharging or overcharging your clients? Fear not, as we’ll reveal ways to bill a client accurately through a few easy steps.

How to Write a Vacation Request Email (+ Tips & Examples)

Get your boss to say yes to your vacation request email with our tips, samples, and examples.

Back Charge: Benefits, Disadvantages, and Tips

A back charge is the billing one party (e.g. a retailer) sends to another party (e.g. a wholesale supplier) if they incur losses due to the second party’s actions. 

Manufacturing Costs: Significance, Types, and Cost Calculation

Find out about manufacturing costs and their types, and gain insights with examples. Plus, master a 5-step approach to cost calculation.

What is fixed cost: Definition, examples, relevance

Fixed costs are part of every business. Knowing about their importance can help you increase business profits and prepare for the future.

How to craft a perfect employee attendance policy

An attendance policy is a set of guidelines used to affect employee attendance and make sure everyone performs at the highest level.

What is a swing shift: Definition, benefits and tips

Heard about a swing shift job but unsure what it means? Read this article to learn what swing shifts are and how to make a swing schedule work.

Payroll Taxes 101: Guide for Employers and Employees

Get a clear understanding of payroll taxes. This guide covers everything you need to know about employee and employer obligations.

How to Become a Virtual Assistant in 2023 (+ Expert Tips)

6 steps to become a virtual assistant: 1. Identify your top skills and niche down, 2. Pick the right tools, 3. Create a pricing model for your services

Mandatory Overtime: What You Need to Know

Mandatory overtime is any time an employee must work beyond 40 hours in a standard workweek. Learn more about forced overtime.

10 Tips for Staying Healthy and Productive on a Night Shift

1. Expose yourself to bright lights during the night shift, 2. Optimize your sleep environment, 3. Eat well and at the right time, 4. Have a regular exercise routine

What Are Paid Holidays and How Do They Work?

Paid holiday is any religious, national, or state holiday that an organization provides as paid time off. Learn everything about paid holidays.