40+ Happy Friday Memes to Get You Excited for the Weekend

Milos Milosavljevic

Last updated on: March 15, 2024

Let’s be honest — no matter how much we love our jobs, all of us love it when Friday comes and we get our well-deserved rest. It is a great opportunity to go on a short trip and visit some interesting place, spend time with your family, or go out and have some fun as the whole city is buzzing and everyone has their weekend mood on.

To celebrate this upcoming Friday and put you in the right spirit for the weekend, we have compiled a list of more than 40 Happy Friday memes split into several categories:

  • “It’s Friday” memes,
  • Friday memes for work,
  • Memes while waiting for Friday, and
  • Honorable mentions.

Let’s get ready for the weekend and have some fun.

Friday memes - main cover

10 Best Happy Friday memes

To start things off, we have made the list of top 10 best Happy Friday memes to make you and your coworkers laugh. Personal disclaimer — these are our favorites; understandably, some might not be funny to you — but we hope you will find them relatable enough!

2 girls Friday meme
You can't defeat me meme
Charlie day meme
Drake meme Friday
Flex tape meme Friday
Is this freedom meme
Working third shift meme
Grateful for Friday meme
When I realize it's Friday meme
Draw 25 Friday meme

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“It’s Friday” memes

You probably know the feeling when the week has been long, the tasks have been demanding, and you are likely tired and just can’t wait for the weekend.

And then you realize — it is Friday today!

So, to celebrate, here are some memes you can browse through when Friday actually comes and the weekend is so close you can almost taste it.

All my homies meme
Handshake meme Friday
How I feel on Friday meme
Change my mind Friday meme
Cheers it's Friday meme
Goosebumps Friday meme
When Friday comes meme
Me on Monday vs. me on Friday meme
Friday pie chart meme
It's Friday spongebob meme
Friday everywhere meme

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Friday memes for work

Working on Friday means only a few hours are left until you can get that well-deserved rest and enjoy your weekend. Despite all the unfinished work you and your coworkers may have left for next week, you can still feel the feel-good atmosphere humming around.

Here are some memes you can share with colleagues to forget about assignments and prepare for the weekend.

Michael Jordan Friday meme
Looking forward to Friday meme
When you realize meme
Me on Friday meme
Society if Friday was a day off meme
Friday and Saturday handshake meme
Where is Friday meme
Friday hard choice meme
Friday to do list meme
The Undertaker Friday meme
Will Smith Friday meme
Cheetah Friday meme

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Memes while waiting for Friday to come

Occasionally, one or two days can feel like an eternity, and we’ve all been there thinking how many days or hours we have until the end of the week. 

While most of us can’t wait for Friday to come, we should all strive to be productive throughout the whole week and give our best effort. (I know it sounds cliche, but it benefits everyone).

Here are some memes you can laugh at while waiting for Friday.

Women calculating days Friday meme
Spongebob and Patrick Friday meme
Waiting for Friday meme
Skeleton waiting for Friday meme
Pikachu Friday meme
Brain waiting for Friday meme

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Honorable mentions (i.e. bonus memes)

Gathering these memes was quite fun, and we wouldn’t like some of them to be left out. That’s why we have added a few more bonus memes for you.

These memes don’t necessarily fit into any category above, but we thought they deserve an honorable mention.

Scroll of truth Friday meme
Spongebob Friday meme
The Rock Friday meme
You have no power here Friday meme
Financial support Friday meme
Drowning Friday meme
Headache Friday meme
I am not like the rest of the world meme
I have become more powerful Friday meme

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Clockify Friday meme

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