Boris Vesovic - Productivity author and researcher at Clockify

During the course of obtaining his BA in English Language and Literature, Boris decided to give content writing a try and see if it would be the start of a career he’s always dreamed of. After a lot of studying on a trial-and-error basis, he started producing quality articles and blogs on various topics — including time management, business psychology, and productivity.

Even though his childhood dreams of becoming a screenplay writer have yet to come true, he is more than satisfied writing on various topics and learning more about the world of business in the process. When reading his texts, you will often see literary words and phrases — a remnant from his forgotten love for literary works of realism.

He has always worked remotely, so you are bound to see a tip or two in his texts for up-and-coming freelancers and people that want to start businesses from home.

Boris can often be found in the local chess club, practicing his craft, and playing in local tournaments. Some might say it’s an outdated sport, but chess really helps him put things into perspective and clear his mind after a day of writing.

Aside from playing chess, he can be found doing various outdoor activities — swimming, playing basketball, hiking, and running.

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