Milos Milosavljevic - Productivity author and researcher at Clockify

With a long-lasting combat sports career, Milos realizes the importance of creating good habits and managing time efficiently. He uses his writing skills to help individuals develop these skills and believes that anyone can become more productive and efficient with the right amount of effort and the right tools.

Back when he was a child, his dad always made him read books until he eventually fell in love with them and made reading an integral part of his life. Later on, he started writing blogs and articles and quickly realized that he wanted to pursue a career in writing. Throughout his writing career, he wrote about topics such as martial arts and fitness.

When he is not writing or researching, he likes to stay active and spend his time training, reading, or hanging out with friends. Apart from being a content writer, Milos is also a Brazilian jiu-jitsu instructor and helps people in his local community become better versions of themselves through martial arts training.

Topics that interest him the most are productivity and building good habits, as he considers that these are vital skills that help us achieve our objectives while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. He aims to educate people on these topics as much as possible and share his knowledge.

One of his favorite books is “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, and his favorite quote from that book is: “You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.”

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