Career Burnout in Healthcare Is High. Better Time Management Helps 

High levels of career burnout among your staff lead to various negative outcomes, including:

  • Reduced productivity, 
  • Higher turnover rates, and
  • Lower quality of patient care. 

With accurate time tracking, you can vastly reduce the risk of burnout in three easy steps. Here’s how.

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#1: Recognize overworked staff

Before making any improvements, you must single out overworked employees that need your attention. 

Time tracking software like Clockify can help by recording your staff’s work hours.

When you use a time clock for healthcare workers, you gather crucial data automatically — without adding to anyone’s workload. 

In Clockify, simply set up a clock-in kiosk for your employees. After the start of their shifts, the platform tracks the staff’s work hours and automatically generates attendance reports. 

These reports show you important information about your employees in real time — like who has the most on-call hours and overtime

Creating a kiosk in Clockify only takes 3 simple steps:

  1. Open the Kiosk page from the Clockify sidebar,
  2. Click Create Kiosk, and
  3. Choose which employees can use it.
Kiosk Clockify
Clock-in Kiosk in Clockify

You can set up a Clockify kiosk on a single device in your facility or let employees clock in from their personal devices. Either way, any phone, laptop, or tablet connected to the Internet will do. 

After this, Clockify automatically creates reports in the Attendance section where you’ll see everyone’s:  

  • Work hours,
  • Overtime,
  • Breaks, and
  • Time off.
Attendance Clockify
Attendance Tracking in Clockify

Thanks to such reports, you can quickly spot employees at risk of career burnout

#2: Distribute shifts more evenly

According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, 46% of healthcare workers in the U.S. experienced burnout in 2022.

As a solution, studies show that overworked healthcare workers want better task distribution from their supervisors. 

Besides recognizing signs of burnout, Clockify can help you even out the workload among your staff with its shift scheduling features

The Schedule section provides a visual overview of your staff’s shifts and capacity over time. 

Scheduling Clockify
Scheduling in Clockify

From there, you can set the maximum daily work hours for each employee and assign tasks

If an assignment exceeds someone’s work capacity, a thin red line will appear on their timeline — making it easy to distribute shifts without overbooking anyone

You can adjust the shift schedule from the same screen via simple drag-and-drop movements

Once you’re satisfied with the shift schedule, you can easily share it with the staff by clicking the Publish button. 


Need an efficient and secure way to discuss shift changes and patient histories? Check out Pumble — a healthcare messaging app made by the team that brought you Clockify: 

#3: Automate administrative tasks

According to the American Journal of Medicine, over 56% of physicians who suffer from burnout cite excessive bureaucracy as one of the main causes.

Admin work also burdens healthcare managers because it leaves them less time to focus on staff and patients.     

Clockify frees up your time for improving your employees’ well-being and patient care by automating menial tasks — like payroll and leave management.

With the Time off feature in Clockify, you can easily manage all types of employee leaves from one place, including:

  • Vacations,
  • Holidays, and
  • Sick leave.

You can set time off policies for the whole team or individual employees, and approve or deny leave requests — all from the same screen.  

Time off Clockify
Clockify’s Time off tracker

Besides leave management, Clockify can also automate payroll calculations.  

All you need to do is set hourly rates for each employee in your workspace settings.

Team section Clockify
Labor cost & hourly rate settings in Clockify 

Clockify automatically calculates payroll based on tracked work hours and generates reports later. When you need the information for payroll processing, you can simply export the reports in your desired file format — including Excel, CSV, and PDF. 

Improve patient care with Clockify

Time tracking can help you prevent employee burnout by:

  • Highlighting overworked team members,
  • Improving your shift management, and
  • Giving you more time to focus on staff and patients.

Clockify provides all the time tracking features you need in an easy-to-use, affordable package

You don’t need any technical expertise to use Clockify’s powerful options. The initial setup is simple and takes only a few minutes, even if you’ve never used a time tracking tool before. 

Detailed instructions for every feature are also available in Clockify’s Help section and video tutorials — so you can always ask customer support for assistance. 

Clockify’s time management features provide tangible improvements in mere days. When your facility’s workload is distributed more evenly, patient satisfaction will follow suit. Also, if you’d like to have a team chat app and a project management app, together with tracking time in Clockify, check out this special bundle price for all 3 apps.   

Start taking better care of your healthcare workers now. 

Matija  Kodalovic

Matija Kodalovic is a productivity author and researcher, always looking for new ways to optimize workflows and implement time-saving measures. He aims to share his experience through writing and help companies and individuals maximize their productivity.


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