Generate screenshots randomly every 5 minutes while the timer is running.

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Note: Windows and Mac desktop apps have integrated screenshots.

Screenshots is an extra feature, which you can enable by upgrading your workspace to Pro or Enterprise plan

Data gathering and privacy #

Screenshots can’t be recorded without user’s knowledge. In order to record screenshots:

  • Admin has to enable “Activate screenshot capturing” in workspace settings
  • All workspace members will receive a notification when screenshot capturing is enabled via both the web and the desktop app
  • User has to install the screenshot recording app
  • Screenshots are taken only while the timer is running (no matter from where you started the timer) AND you have the screenshot recording app installed
  • Screenshots are captured once every 5 minutes, at a random moment
  • Screenshots are low-resolution and blurred by default for privacy and security reasons
  • Each regular user can see all their screenshots. Admin sees all screenshots in the workspace
  • Each screenshot is tied to a time entry. If the time entry is deleted, its screenshots are deleted also
  • If a user deletes a screenshot, the time between the previous and current screenshot will be subtracted from the total time
  • You can view screenshots for the past 7 days. All screenshots older than 7 days are deleted forever automatically.

Clockify can also:

  • Record what apps you use and websites you visit using auto tracker, but that data is completely private (data is not available to workspace admins).
  • Detect when you’re inactive using idle detection (no mouse movement or keystrokes), but that data is shown only once when become active again so you can decide if you wish to keep or exclude idle time (information is not available to workspace admins).

Record screenshots #

To capture screenshots, you need to install the desktop app for Mac or Windows.

Once installed, you’ll need to log in and start the timer.

Screenshots are captured randomly in every 5-minute interval while the timer is running and the desktop app is active.

If you have the timer running on the web or mobile, but the desktop app is not running (or you aren’t logged in), screenshots won’t be captured.

Note for Mac: When Mac prompts you, you have to allow Clockify to take screenshots. If you click Deny, you’ll have to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Screen Recording and check Clockify app.

Viewing screenshots #

When screenshots are enabled, all users in the workspace will see the Activity > Screenshots page in the sidebar.

Regular users can see all their personal screenshots, and admins can see everyone’s.

All active users in the workspace are listed, and next to each person you can see the total number of recorded screenshots in that day.

If a person has screenshots, you can click on their name or the expand icon in the right corner to see the screenshots and when each was recorded.

You can click on a screenshot to open gallery view, and then go back and forth between screenshots.

To see screenshots for other days, click on < or > in the upper right corner next to the date (you can go back up to past 7 days).

Deleting screenshots #

Both admins and regular users can delete screenshots by clicking on the trash icon when you hover over some screenshot.

Regular users can delete only their personal screenshots – unless the time entry is locked or approved (in which case the admin needs to do delete it).

To delete a screenshot that was captured from a currently running timer, you first need to stop the timer, and then you can delete the desired screenshot.

When screenshot is deleted by a regular user, the time between that and the screenshot before it will be subtracted from the time entry’s total time. If an entry has only one screenshot, the whole time entry will be deleted. Deleting a screenshot for an approved time entry won’t affect the entry.

Admins can delete anyone’s screenshot without the time subtraction.

If a time entry that has a screenshot is deleted by users or admin, all its screenshots are deleted automatically. If a user deletes their account, all their screenshots are deleted also.

All screenshots older than 7 days are deleted forever automatically.

There is no undo when a screenshot is deleted. Each delete is permanent and non-retrievable.