Set up time tracking targets for your team and they will be automatically reminded to log their hours via email if they did not fill out their minimum number of daily/weekly hours. You can enable email reminders by upgrading your workspace)

There are also “you forgot to start the timer” reminders, which you can enable inside the desktop app and browser extension (free feature).

Setting up timesheet reminders #

  1. Go to Workspace Settings > Reminders tab
  2. Specify the target number of hours (daily/weekly/monthly) for your team members to track
  3. Specify when the reminders will be sent (when they’ve tracked more/less than target hours)
  4. Click Add

time tracking reminders settings

When the selected team members don’t reach their targets or go above them, Clockify will automatically send them an email:

  • If you’ve set Day, team members will receive the reminder email the next day (you can choose workdays for when people have to fulfill their targets)
  • If you’ve set Week, team members will receive the reminder email on the first day of the next week (the first day of the week depends on each user’s personal “Week starts on” setting). If you set Monday as your first day and my first working day is Wednesday, and you set a weekly reminder for me, a reminder will start counting from Wednesday (my first day). A reminder will always pick up the user’s information. You can check with users to set the same day, time and timezone if it’s possible.
  • If you’ve set Month, team members will receive the reminder email on the first day of the next month

time tracking reminder

You can add multiple reminders for one user or user group (e.g. 7h per day minimum, but 40h per week and 150h per month).

Allocate your team to User groups so you can choose several people at once instead of selecting them one by one.

Editing reminders #

To edit a reminder simply click on the underlined section (users, hours, etc.) to edit it.

Viewing targets #

Workspace admins can see all active targets in workspace’s Reminders tab. Only admins can create or delete reminders.

All users can view their assigned targets in their Profile settings.

targets in user settings