Export projects

If you’d like to have an insight into your team’s performance and progress, you can export projects into the CSV or Excel format and save it, so that you can compare it to other projects you’re working on, or to refer to it in the future. 

Depending on the subscription plan, exported data contains project details including name, client, status (active or archived), visibility (private or public), project manager, tasks and so on.
If there are no metrics for that particular type of data, the relevant field will remain empty in the export.  

To export project:

  1. Go to the Project page
  2. Click the Export dropdown on the right
  3. Choose an export format (CSV/Excel)
  4. Project data will be saved to your computer in one of those formats

Type of data that will be exported depends on the selected filters, therefore, filtered out data not available on the Projects page won’t be exported. 

Project export option is visible only to admins, but it is available on all subscription plans. However, to customize your exports, you need to be on any paid plan (Basic, Standard, Pro, Enterprise). 

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