Aleksandra Dragutinovic - Productivity author and researcher at Clockify

With over a decade of diverse content creation experience, Aleksandra has been focused on SaaS content for 5+ years now.

Productivity and time management topics are really her cup of tea, as she has appreciated and used tools to improve her productivity since she was a child. Aleksandra couldn’t imagine her life without a planner (or several) and is always on the lookout for the latest time management and productivity techniques and strategies to test (and rate while writing about).
That said, Aleksandra does leverage the power of automation and available technology to the fullest. Leaving her comfort zone is her favorite thing to do, and she thrives in situations where growth’s an option.

Aleksandra cares about people, and she tries her best to put her money where her mouth is.
Approaching everything with an open mind, Aleksandra utterly enjoys discovering how habits shape our personalities, and moreover, continuously strives to be the best version of herself. Writing about productivity enables her to help others do the same, which she absolutely treasures.

In many stances, as in this one, Aleksandra couldn’t agree more with Shakespeare — The readiness is all. One thing’s for sure — literature was one of Aleksandra’s major passions during her academic experience. However, it seems to have remained a private affair, as her career ultimately pivoted towards research for facts on one side and program management on the other.

Understanding the everchanging nature of all existence, lifelong learning is one of the most important concepts in Aleksandra’s life. That’s why, in her spare time, she tries to boost her knowledge in any way possible — so she’s obtained a couple of other licenses:
Media Literacy Trainer
TCA and Proctor (for the TOEFL test)

Aleksandra is extremely extroverted and outgoing, and on her journey of mastering time management skills, she manages to allocate enough time to her other passions.
Some of those include poetry writing, cycling, reading, listening to music and podcasts, exploring nearby art exhibitions, regularly visiting the theater, self-care, festivals, playing red hands with her cat, and traveling.

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