Dunja Jovanovic

Content manager at Pumble

Dunja Jovanović was a productivity author and researcher — now, she’s a content manager at Pumble.
She mostly tackled topics related to task management, time management, and productivity techniques.

Dunja is passionate about self-improvement and working towards your goals every day.
But, that doesn’t mean we have to give in to the toxic hustle culture, so she strives to help people be productive while still having a good work-life balance and being healthy.

She has always loved linguistics and literature, and she has an Honours Bachelor’s degree from the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade to prove it.
During her studies, she learned the importance of time management and organizing her schedule well.

She has been writing since her university days. She has numerous published articles under her belt, which can be found both online and offline — from her university’s literature magazine to the Huffington Post US.

Dunja also likes learning about psychology, as you have to understand the human mind to make it work in your favor and truly become productive.
She has completed a few psychology courses, such as Wesleyan University’s Social Psychology.

When Dunja is not working, she’s not sitting still. Her favorite hobbies are traveling and creating (drawings, paintings, jewelry, digital collages — you name it).