Milena Stanimirovic

Productivity author and researcher at Clockify

Being an avid reader ( a bookworm, or as she likes to say — book dragon) and writer, she majored in English at the University of Nis. Her primary career was teaching English, so she got used to managing her time, tracking class time, writing timed lesson plans and class activities. There was no room for procrastination.

Then, a career shift happened—and she returned to her original aspiration—writing. Throughout her extensive writing career, Milena has written about a variety of topics.

Now, she mostly deals with subjects related to time management and productivity. She considers those two to be an ever-growing, ever-fascinating subject, as many people struggle to keep their productivity on the highest (and their procrastination on the lowest) level.

In her spare time, Milena likes to do what? You have only one guess, but you’ll probably get it right. That’s right, she likes to read. Hardcovers, trade paperbacks, EPUBs, PDFs, you name it. Whenever she’s not trying to prevent her toddler from setting the house on fire or feeding the dog chocolate, she likes to pour a cup of coffee and relax with a good book.