Teodora Radojcic

Productivity researcher and author at Clockify

Having a master’s degree in English language and literature, Teodora started her career as an English teacher, but writing has always been her passion.

As an experienced remote worker and self-employed teacher, she had to learn how to organize her schedule, track time, prepare timed lessons and tackle procrastination. All this has helped her improve her self-discipline and become a better writer.

Ever since she was a schoolgirl, Teodora has been an avid reader and wanted to pursue a career in writing. After graduation, she became a certified content writer, and throughout her career, she has written articles on a variety of topics.

But, today, she focuses on time management and productivity articles to help others, as many people struggle with procrastination and self-discipline in this fast-paced world.

Besides teaching and writing, she is interested in Front-end development and Latin dancing. But, lifelong learning has always been the most important concept in her life.

Having many different hobbies and interests, she struggled with procrastination at first. But, today she successfully manages her time, so she dedicated one of her goals to helping others acquire these essential skills — time management and productivity.