Regular users

All invited users are categorized as Regular users by default. They have various permissions and can perform certain actions, including time tracking, project creation, and personal dashboards.

Regular users can become Admins or Team managers after being promoted by existing Admins and Project managers*  (*if Project managers have those rights on a project).

Track time on public and private projects  Yes
Their own and others’ time Yes (unless disabled)
Add/edit their own time Yes (unless locked
See and edit their own expensesYes (unless locked)
See rates and amounts Yes (unless disabled)
Create projects and see statusYes (unless disabled) 
Create and edit tasks Yes (unless disabled) 
See other membersYes (unless disabled) 
Assign admin role No
Assign (transfer) owner role No 
Set up SSONo
Assign user roles No
Manage groups No 
Invite users No
Set up user’s status (active/inactive) No 
Define billable rates No 
Edit ws settings No 
Create/edit/delete private and public projects Yes (unless disabled)
Create/edit/delete tasks No 
Create/edit/delete team members No
Create/edit/delete billable rates No 
Create/edit/delete project status No
Edit invoicesYes (unless disabled)

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