Clockify has two types of user roles in the Administrative category:

  • Owner: User who created the workspace
  • Admin: User with administrative permissions

Admin vs Owner:

If the Owner leaves the workspace, the entire workspace is deleted

Admins can appoint users as Managers, who have additional project and team management privileges.
Admins have a range of capabilities, including assigning roles, managing groups, inviting users, setting user statuses, defining billable rates, overseeing time entries, and editing workspace settings.

Track TimeYes
See TimeYes
Add/Edit Time Yes 
See and edit all expensesYes
See and edit all ratesYes 
See and edit all projectsYes 
See and edit all tasksYes
Manage usersYes (except removing Admin role > Owner only)
Edit workspace settingsYes 
Delete workspaceYes (Owner only)
Remove/Deactivate AdminYes
Transfer owner roleYes (Owner only)
Set up SSOYes (Owner only)
Assign user rolesYes
Manage groupsYes
Invite users Yes
Set up user’s status (active/inactive) Yes
Define billable ratesYes 
Edit ws settingsYes
Create/edit/delete projectsYes
Create/edit/delete tasks Yes 
Create/edit/delete team members Yes
Create/edit/delete billable rates Yes
Create/edit/delete project status Yes
Edit subscription payment informationYes (Owner only)

For an overview of all user roles and permissions, check out Understanding user roles & access permissions

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