In Clockify, there are two types of managers: Project managers and Team managers. 

Project managers can see all tracked time on their projects and can edit various aspects of their projects, such as: 

  • Setting estimates
  • Adding tasks
  • Managing project access 
  • Launching kiosk (if enabled)

Team managers have similar permissions but focus on overseeing their team members and groups. They can: 

  • See all tracked time of their team members
  • Edit their team’s time (if enabled)
  • Approve submitted timesheets 
  • Launch kiosk (if enabled)

Team manager role is an additional feature available through upgrading your workspace to a Standard, Pro, or Enterprise plan.

Customizing visibility of certain app features, like hiding pages, also applies to managers. Managers have access to Reports, and project managers additionally have access to the Projects page.

Assign manager #

Admin/Owner can assign manager rights to a workspace member from a Team or Projects page in the following way: 

  1. Navigate to the Team or Projects page 
  2. Choose user or project
  3. Configure role options 
  4. Choose the role and save the changes you’ve made
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Team page
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Project page

Revoke manager #

It’s also possible to revoke someone’s Project/Team manager role for the specific project from the Projects page.

  1. Go to the Projects page
  2. Choose Access tab
  3. Click on the three dots to configure user role
  4. Choose the Revoke manager rights option

Access and permissions for managers include receiving email notifications for specific members’ activities, editing team members’ time entries if enabled, and assigning groups to team managers for improving administration processes.

Track timeYes
See time for all projects/users Yes (that I manage)
Add/edit time for othersYes (Team managers for members they manage, unless disabled) 
See and edit* expenses for their team members/projectsYes (*unless disabled)
Edit rates on their projectsYes (unless disabled)
Create projects and see statusYes (unless disabled)
Edit and add tasks on their projectsYes
Add members to their projects Yes
Edit workspace settingsNo
Assign admin roleNo
Assign (transfer) owner roleNo
Set up SSONo
Assign user rolesNo 
Manage groups No
Invite usersNo
Set up user’s status (active/inactive)No
Define billable ratesNo
Create/edit/delete projects Yes 
Create/edit/delete tasksYes 
Create/edit/delete team members Yes
Create/edit/delete billable rates  Yes
Create/edit/delete project statusYes 

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